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Survey Results

How prepared are you at product launch (or major release) time?

Survey period: 7 Nov 2022 to 14 Nov 2022

Time for some brutal honesty here.

Usually everything's well tested, documented, marketing and sales are up to date, and we're ready for any issues6911.75
Most things are under control, but there are the occasional last minute panics23339.69
Generally it's a bit messy. Not everything's fully finished and we're applying duct tape as we roll out of the shop.8915.16
Debacle. Known bugs, missing features, and important functionality simply not complete.183.07
Panic stations. It's never ready. It's never close to being properly ready.61.02
We often don't even have a product at launch time. Just marketing and a fast-talking product manager.40.68
We don't do product launches. It's always incremental11319.25
We don't work on anything that gets 'released' to consumers or organisations.559.37

GeneralCustomers are tolerant Pin
trønderen8-Nov-22 8:25
trønderen8-Nov-22 8:25 
GeneralRe: Customers are tolerant Pin
Laiju k9-Nov-22 21:01
professionalLaiju k9-Nov-22 21:01 
GeneralDevelopers are not involved in deployment Pin
PIEBALDconsult8-Nov-22 7:46
mvePIEBALDconsult8-Nov-22 7:46 
Generalway WAY back in the Day Pin
MarkTJohnson8-Nov-22 3:58
professionalMarkTJohnson8-Nov-22 3:58 
GeneralRe: way WAY back in the Day Pin
Juan Pablo Reyes Altamirano8-Nov-22 6:17
Juan Pablo Reyes Altamirano8-Nov-22 6:17 
General99% of the time - no worries Pin
Slacker0078-Nov-22 3:37
professionalSlacker0078-Nov-22 3:37 
GeneralSo i am the only one... Pin
CPallini8-Nov-22 3:02
mveCPallini8-Nov-22 3:02 
GeneralI had to dig deep to find this message (product rollout from 2015) Pin
kmoorevs7-Nov-22 5:21
kmoorevs7-Nov-22 5:21 
GeneralDiminishing returns Pin
lucanor7-Nov-22 4:49
lucanor7-Nov-22 4:49 
GeneralBefore better than now Pin
Nelek7-Nov-22 0:08
protectorNelek7-Nov-22 0:08 
GeneralI can proudly say, I'm very well prepared Pin
Sander Rossel6-Nov-22 23:04
professionalSander Rossel6-Nov-22 23:04 
GeneralI always worked in safety relevant fields Pin
den2k886-Nov-22 23:02
professionalden2k886-Nov-22 23:02 
GeneralI try, I really do ... Pin
OriginalGriff6-Nov-22 21:21
mveOriginalGriff6-Nov-22 21:21 

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