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Survey Results

When thinking about your job, how important is the option to work from home?

Survey period: 21 Nov 2022 to 28 Nov 2022

Some bosses are casual about where you work, and some, naming no names, will insist you're in the office, always. What are your thoughts?

Work from home, but I'm OK coming into the office a few times a month26534.51
I'm OK splitting my time between home and office11715.23
I will only work from home. No discussion10713.93
Office is OK, but I'd like to occasionally work from home8010.42
Office is OK, as long as I can work from home regularly749.64
I prefer working in an office719.24
I don't care as long as I get paid547.03

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GeneralWill have to come into the office in my new job Pin
lmoelleb9mins ago
Memberlmoelleb9mins ago 
GeneralI've got to revote Pin
wmjordan24-Nov-22 14:51
professionalwmjordan24-Nov-22 14:51 
GeneralI work at an orange juice factory... Pin
DRHuff24-Nov-22 11:41
MemberDRHuff24-Nov-22 11:41 
GeneralRe: I work at an orange juice factory... Pin
cameron_elliot24-Nov-22 14:07
Membercameron_elliot24-Nov-22 14:07 
GeneralThere is no office, and it's too far Pin
cameron_elliot24-Nov-22 10:41
Membercameron_elliot24-Nov-22 10:41 
Generaloops - an answer is missing. Pin
Cosmic Turnip24-Nov-22 9:04
MemberCosmic Turnip24-Nov-22 9:04 
GeneralDepends on reason Pin
Doug Domeny23-Nov-22 7:57
professionalDoug Domeny23-Nov-22 7:57 
GeneralRe: Depends on reason Pin
den2k8823-Nov-22 23:57
professionalden2k8823-Nov-22 23:57 
General"OK a few times a month" Pin
dandy7223-Nov-22 5:54
Memberdandy7223-Nov-22 5:54 
GeneralOffice Pin
agolddog22-Nov-22 6:12
Memberagolddog22-Nov-22 6:12 
GeneralRe: Office Pin
trønderen22-Nov-22 7:19
Membertrønderen22-Nov-22 7:19 
GeneralRe: Office Pin
Eddy Vluggen22-Nov-22 14:11
professionalEddy Vluggen22-Nov-22 14:11 
GeneralI no longer have an "office" at the Office. Pin
K Personett22-Nov-22 5:37
MemberK Personett22-Nov-22 5:37 
GeneralRe: I no longer have an "office" at the Office. Pin
charlieg24-Nov-22 4:35
Membercharlieg24-Nov-22 4:35 
GeneralRe: I no longer have an "office" at the Office. Pin
K Personett13hrs 3mins ago
MemberK Personett13hrs 3mins ago 
QuestionWrong question ! : p Pin
megaadam22-Nov-22 3:48
professionalmegaadam22-Nov-22 3:48 
GeneralOffice is OK, as long as I can work from home regularly Pin
WPerkins22-Nov-22 3:53
MemberWPerkins22-Nov-22 3:53 
GeneralOffice a few times a year, maybe. Pin
Cpichols22-Nov-22 2:39
MemberCpichols22-Nov-22 2:39 
GeneralRe: Office a few times a year, maybe. Pin
MarkTJohnson22-Nov-22 3:43
professionalMarkTJohnson22-Nov-22 3:43 
GeneralWFH a necessity Pin
Keith Barrett22-Nov-22 2:35
MemberKeith Barrett22-Nov-22 2:35 
GeneralMissing options Pin
Joan M22-Nov-22 0:03
professionalJoan M22-Nov-22 0:03 
GeneralRe: Missing options Pin
den2k8822-Nov-22 0:16
professionalden2k8822-Nov-22 0:16 
Generalmy ideal ? Pin
BillWoodruff21-Nov-22 18:33
mveBillWoodruff21-Nov-22 18:33 
GeneralRe: my ideal ? Pin
MarkB12321-Nov-22 23:12
MemberMarkB12321-Nov-22 23:12 
GeneralIt's a mental thing,,, Pin
jeron121-Nov-22 8:57
Memberjeron121-Nov-22 8:57 

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