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Survey Results

Do you Blog?   [Edit]

Survey period: 25 Aug 2003 to 31 Aug 2003

Blogs, or Web Logs, are the current geek de rigeur. Are you into them?

Q1. Do you keep a blog

I used to but no longer383.18
I'm thinking about starting one15012.54

Q2. Do you read blogs

I used to but no longer262.17
Only when I see a link to one that sounds interesting28824.08
I've not yet but they sound interesting473.93

GeneralRe: he he. The truth comes out Pin
Janno Teelem26-Aug-03 5:27
MemberJanno Teelem26-Aug-03 5:27 
GeneralRe: he he. The truth comes out Pin
Megan Forbes26-Aug-03 9:54
MemberMegan Forbes26-Aug-03 9:54 
GeneralAltruistic Pin
Paul Watson26-Aug-03 13:35
sitebuilderPaul Watson26-Aug-03 13:35 
GeneralNot my scene. Pin
Navin25-Aug-03 4:11
MemberNavin25-Aug-03 4:11 
GeneralThe most famous one Pin
ed welch25-Aug-03 3:55
Membered welch25-Aug-03 3:55 
GeneralQualifying question Pin
Paul Watson25-Aug-03 3:47
sitebuilderPaul Watson25-Aug-03 3:47 
GeneralRe: Qualifying question Pin
Tom Welch25-Aug-03 7:12
MemberTom Welch25-Aug-03 7:12 
GeneralRe: Qualifying question Pin
Paul Watson25-Aug-03 7:31
sitebuilderPaul Watson25-Aug-03 7:31 
Tom Welch wrote:
I highly recommend keeping a private one

totally. I have one, but it consist mainly of "You ****** damn **** **** I'll rip every ***** **** ********* * * * * ******************************************" type posts." Nice way to get it off my chest without spilling over to CP Unsure | :~

The logging side is great though. It is pretty useful to setup automatic blogging for app. events etc. Much like that Windows Event Log to RSS app.

People hear the word "blog" and think of posts on peoples bowel movements and pet kittens. But it is just a flipping reverse ordered list really. Lots of use.

Paul Watson
Cape Town, South Africa

Crikey! ain't life grand?
GeneralRe: Qualifying question Pin
Brian Delahunty26-Aug-03 0:54
MemberBrian Delahunty26-Aug-03 0:54 
GeneralRe: Qualifying question Pin
Paul Watson26-Aug-03 0:59
sitebuilderPaul Watson26-Aug-03 0:59 
GeneralRe: Qualifying question Pin
Shog926-Aug-03 13:14
sitebuilderShog926-Aug-03 13:14 
Generalmissing option Pin
Maximilian Hänel25-Aug-03 3:10
MemberMaximilian Hänel25-Aug-03 3:10 
GeneralRe: missing option Pin
Chris Maunder25-Aug-03 4:15
cofounderChris Maunder25-Aug-03 4:15 
GeneralRe: missing option Pin
Brian Delahunty25-Aug-03 4:46
MemberBrian Delahunty25-Aug-03 4:46 
GeneralRe: missing option Pin
Navin25-Aug-03 4:56
MemberNavin25-Aug-03 4:56 
GeneralRe: missing option Pin
JohnJ25-Aug-03 7:58
MemberJohnJ25-Aug-03 7:58 
GeneralRe: missing option Pin
Jörgen Sigvardsson26-Aug-03 9:16
MemberJörgen Sigvardsson26-Aug-03 9:16 
GeneralRe: missing option Pin
Maximilian Hänel26-Aug-03 12:38
MemberMaximilian Hänel26-Aug-03 12:38 
GeneralThis is cool, Chris Pin
Nish Nishant25-Aug-03 2:45
sitebuilderNish Nishant25-Aug-03 2:45 

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