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Should Microsoft make Windows Open Source?   [Edit]

Survey period: 28 Feb 2000 to 5 Mar 2000

Opening your source - or at least part of it - is becoming an industry trend. Should Microsoft follow suit? Why?


Nakoa10-Mar-00 13:53
sussNakoa10-Mar-00 13:53 
GeneralOpen Source Pin
richard6-Mar-00 5:48
memberrichard6-Mar-00 5:48 
GeneralOpen Source? Absolutely... Pin
Derek L.6-Mar-00 5:22
sussDerek L.6-Mar-00 5:22 
GeneralRe: Open Source? Absolutely... Pin
Nakoa10-Mar-00 13:55
sussNakoa10-Mar-00 13:55 
GeneralRe: Open Source? Absolutely... Pin
17-May-02 10:29
suss17-May-02 10:29 
GeneralHere's the source code !!! Pin
Wouter Dhondt6-Mar-00 3:04
memberWouter Dhondt6-Mar-00 3:04 
GeneralRe: Here's the source code !!! Pin
John10-Apr-00 13:02
memberJohn10-Apr-00 13:02 
GeneralWhy Microsoft doesn't use the Windows object ? Pin
PyrosBrother6-Mar-00 0:21
memberPyrosBrother6-Mar-00 0:21 
GeneralWhat a joke Pin
Bill Block5-Mar-00 5:44
sussBill Block5-Mar-00 5:44 
GeneralRe: What a joke Pin
Kevin Moody5-Mar-00 17:25
memberKevin Moody5-Mar-00 17:25 
GeneralRe: What a joke Pin
Tommy Thomasson8-Mar-00 18:30
memberTommy Thomasson8-Mar-00 18:30 
GeneralRe: What a joke Pin
Member 40958-Mar-00 22:34
memberMember 40958-Mar-00 22:34 
GeneralWindows Open Source Pin
Marc Howe3-Mar-00 23:39
memberMarc Howe3-Mar-00 23:39 
GeneralAt least Pin
ljp2-Mar-00 6:45
memberljp2-Mar-00 6:45 
GeneralUndocumented APIs Pin
James3-Mar-00 19:50
memberJames3-Mar-00 19:50 
GeneralRe: Undocumented APIs Pin
Simon L Capewell8-Mar-00 8:29
memberSimon L Capewell8-Mar-00 8:29 
GeneralRe: At least Pin
Eddie Velasquez4-Mar-00 3:49
memberEddie Velasquez4-Mar-00 3:49 
GeneralMoxie is the answer Pin
Mr. Moxie2-Mar-00 2:54
sussMr. Moxie2-Mar-00 2:54 
GeneralRelax Pin
Testyuiop1-Mar-00 6:43
memberTestyuiop1-Mar-00 6:43 
GeneralRe: Relax Pin
Stress Monkey1-Mar-00 15:00
sussStress Monkey1-Mar-00 15:00 
GeneralOpen source: Linux vs Window Pin
Member 172329-Feb-00 21:43
memberMember 172329-Feb-00 21:43 
GeneralRe: Open source: Linux vs Window Pin
Wouter Dhondt5-Mar-00 23:55
memberWouter Dhondt5-Mar-00 23:55 
GeneralOpen Source Windows Pin
Brian29-Feb-00 4:07
memberBrian29-Feb-00 4:07 
GeneralRe: Open Source Windows Pin
Member 112729-Feb-00 4:31
memberMember 112729-Feb-00 4:31 
GeneralRe: Open Source Windows Pin
Chris Maunder29-Feb-00 10:58
adminChris Maunder29-Feb-00 10:58 

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