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Survey Results

What database server do you use (or are planning to use) most?   [Edit]

Survey period: 28 Jan 2008 to 4 Feb 2008

Are you using, or planning to use, the big iron? Or does the free stuff do everything you need?

SQL Server 2008913.50
SQL Server 20051,19846.08
SQL Server 200029911.50
SQLite / MSDE441.69
Microsoft Access923.54

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Generalusing .net classes in javascript? Pin
Shimi Weitzhandler3-Feb-08 17:43
memberShimi Weitzhandler3-Feb-08 17:43 
GeneralI put in a vote for Other. Pin
Ron Stahl1-Feb-08 13:11
memberRon Stahl1-Feb-08 13:11 
GeneralBit Unfair.... Pin
Neeraj Saluja31-Jan-08 21:13
memberNeeraj Saluja31-Jan-08 21:13 
GeneralRe: Bit Unfair.... Pin
Mark Werner1-Feb-08 12:16
memberMark Werner1-Feb-08 12:16 
GeneralRe: Bit Unfair.... Pin
SalarSoft1-Feb-08 21:53
memberSalarSoft1-Feb-08 21:53 
GeneralRe: Bit Unfair.... Pin
Synetech2-Feb-08 16:38
memberSynetech2-Feb-08 16:38 
Generaldb2..... yikes. Pin
thrakazog30-Jan-08 11:14
memberthrakazog30-Jan-08 11:14 
GeneralError Pin
Uwe Keim29-Jan-08 19:03
sitebuilderUwe Keim29-Jan-08 19:03 
GeneralRe: Error Pin
John M. Drescher30-Jan-08 7:42
memberJohn M. Drescher30-Jan-08 7:42 
GeneralRe: Error Pin
BadKarma31-Jan-08 20:22
memberBadKarma31-Jan-08 20:22 
GeneralRe: Error Pin
sacoskun1-Feb-08 11:35
membersacoskun1-Feb-08 11:35 
GeneralRe: Error Pin
Fernando A. Gomez F.1-Feb-08 15:11
memberFernando A. Gomez F.1-Feb-08 15:11 
GeneralRe: Error Pin
sacoskun2-Feb-08 1:09
membersacoskun2-Feb-08 1:09 
GeneralRe: Error Pin
Fernando A. Gomez F.2-Feb-08 5:56
memberFernando A. Gomez F.2-Feb-08 5:56 
GeneralOpen source! Pin
Nisamudheen29-Jan-08 17:03
memberNisamudheen29-Jan-08 17:03 
GeneralWho on CodeProject dislikes PostgreSQL? Pin
teos29-Jan-08 8:50
memberteos29-Jan-08 8:50 
Generaldepends on client Pin
Viral Upadhyay29-Jan-08 5:41
memberViral Upadhyay29-Jan-08 5:41 
GeneralSQL Server express Pin
hspc29-Jan-08 3:21
memberhspc29-Jan-08 3:21 
GeneralThat's determined by third parties Pin
PIEBALDconsult28-Jan-08 6:53
memberPIEBALDconsult28-Jan-08 6:53 
GeneralA bit skewed Pin
StevenWalsh28-Jan-08 5:34
memberStevenWalsh28-Jan-08 5:34 
GeneralRe: A bit skewed Pin
Chris Maunder28-Jan-08 13:59
adminChris Maunder28-Jan-08 13:59 
GeneralOracle versions Pin
Patje28-Jan-08 4:19
memberPatje28-Jan-08 4:19 
GeneralRe: Oracle versions Pin
Ennis Ray Lynch, Jr.29-Jan-08 9:40
memberEnnis Ray Lynch, Jr.29-Jan-08 9:40 
GeneralSqlite (not SQL Lite) and postgresql Pin
pierre_j28-Jan-08 1:48
memberpierre_j28-Jan-08 1:48 
GeneralRe: Sqlite (not SQL Lite) and postgresql Pin
Unruled Boy28-Jan-08 18:36
memberUnruled Boy28-Jan-08 18:36 
Generalcool Pin
S.Nowlin28-Jan-08 1:28
memberS.Nowlin28-Jan-08 1:28 
GeneralRe: cool Pin
Member 405148928-Jan-08 2:35
memberMember 405148928-Jan-08 2:35 
GeneralRe: cool Pin
S.Nowlin28-Jan-08 3:15
memberS.Nowlin28-Jan-08 3:15 
GeneralRe: cool Pin
pierre_j28-Jan-08 11:35
memberpierre_j28-Jan-08 11:35 
GeneralNone Pin
khan++28-Jan-08 1:17
memberkhan++28-Jan-08 1:17 
GeneralRe: None Pin
Gary Wheeler28-Jan-08 1:49
memberGary Wheeler28-Jan-08 1:49 
GeneralRe: None Pin
khan++28-Jan-08 2:13
memberkhan++28-Jan-08 2:13 
GeneralRe: None Pin
StevenWalsh28-Jan-08 5:38
memberStevenWalsh28-Jan-08 5:38 
GeneralRe: None Pin
Dave Rundle29-Jan-08 3:22
memberDave Rundle29-Jan-08 3:22 
GeneralChoices need modification based upon the question Pin
Dave1975199528-Jan-08 0:58
memberDave1975199528-Jan-08 0:58 
GeneralGot an error saving my "free text answer" 'Informix', cannot retry [modified] Pin
runeb27-Jan-08 22:22
memberruneb27-Jan-08 22:22 
GeneralPostgreSQL Pin
Anders Dalvander27-Jan-08 21:18
memberAnders Dalvander27-Jan-08 21:18 
What about PostgreSQL?
GeneralRe: PostgreSQL Pin
HuntrCkr27-Jan-08 21:34
memberHuntrCkr27-Jan-08 21:34 
GeneralRe: PostgreSQL Pin
joaoalbertofn27-Jan-08 23:15
memberjoaoalbertofn27-Jan-08 23:15 
GeneralRe: PostgreSQL Pin
Gregory John27-Jan-08 23:57
memberGregory John27-Jan-08 23:57 
GeneralRe: PostgreSQL Pin
Dave1975199528-Jan-08 0:51
memberDave1975199528-Jan-08 0:51 
GeneralRe: PostgreSQL Pin
leppie29-Jan-08 10:24
member leppie 29-Jan-08 10:24 
GeneralRe: PostgreSQL Pin
John M. Drescher30-Jan-08 8:31
memberJohn M. Drescher30-Jan-08 8:31 
GeneralIs there a way to revote? Pin
Steve Echols27-Jan-08 21:11
memberSteve Echols27-Jan-08 21:11 
GeneralPresent and Future. (Yes. that's two options.) Pin
Michael Sync27-Jan-08 19:04
memberMichael Sync27-Jan-08 19:04 
GeneralCListCtrl Pin
Vasudevan Deepak K27-Jan-08 18:06
member Vasudevan Deepak K27-Jan-08 18:06 
GeneralRe: CListCtrl Pin
Balboos28-Jan-08 3:59
member Balboos28-Jan-08 3:59 
GeneralThis should have been a multiple choice survey Pin
Vasudevan Deepak K27-Jan-08 18:05
member Vasudevan Deepak K27-Jan-08 18:05 
GeneralRe: This should have been a multiple choice survey Pin
ProdigiSA27-Jan-08 20:23
memberProdigiSA27-Jan-08 20:23 
GeneralRe: This should have been a multiple choice survey Pin
Mustafa Ismail Mustafa27-Jan-08 20:29
memberMustafa Ismail Mustafa27-Jan-08 20:29 

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