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Your favourite C++ articles from May   [Edit]

Survey period: 9 Jun 2008 to 23 Jun 2008

This is the voting form for the monthly C++ article competition. Below are a list of the top 10 articles submitted last month. Please choose the ones you consider your favourite. Remember - you can only vote once!

Genetic Algorithm Library - Mladen Jankovic3439.53
Database Virtual Cursor - Hatem Mostafa2630.23
.NET Internals and Native Compiling - Daniel Pistelli1112.79
XONOR pointers. eXclusive Ownership & Non Owning Reference pointers - john morrison leon89.30
XIcon - an MFC control to display text and icon - Hans Dietrich66.98
The Year 2038 Bug - Y2K38 Problem - Many of your applications will crash - Ruchit Surati66.98
C++ Coding Practices Guide - Chesnokov Yuriy3338.37
A C++ Blob Editor in less than 128 lines of code - Ronounours1011.63
Change File Extension Context Menu - T800G44.65
Processor BenchMark Utility - PeterGlen44.65
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

Note: These results are un-audited numbers. All voting results will be tabulated and audited at the conclusion of voting. The results you see here may differ as a result of that auditing process. makes no guarantees to the live results which you see here.

SHAMJU17-Jun-08 3:58
MemberSHAMJU17-Jun-08 3:58 
General"Genetic Algorithm Library" is the best Pin
Hatem Mostafa14-Jun-08 22:16
MemberHatem Mostafa14-Jun-08 22:16 
In my opinion "Genetic Algorithm Library - Mladen Jankovic" is wonderful article and it deserves to be the best article this month.
I didn't give it my vote as I have an article in the Competition. But, I'll not be happy if I won as I know that I don't deserve that this month Frown | :(

Thanks Mladen Jankovic for ur great work and good luck.
GeneralRe: "Genetic Algorithm Library" is the best Pin
Mladen Janković14-Jun-08 22:35
MemberMladen Janković14-Jun-08 22:35 
GeneralRe: "Genetic Algorithm Library" is the best Pin
Hatem Mostafa22-Jun-08 21:49
MemberHatem Mostafa22-Jun-08 21:49 
GeneralRe: "Genetic Algorithm Library" is the best Pin
Mladen Janković23-Jun-08 7:13
MemberMladen Janković23-Jun-08 7:13 

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