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Survey Results

What type of ergonomic equipment do you use?   [Edit]

Survey period: 16 Jun 2008 to 23 Jun 2008

Sitting in the same position and doing the crazy hours we sometimes have to do can lead to problems.

Ergonomic keyboard16824.35
Ergonomic mouse / cursor control13719.86
Ergonomic chair18026.09
Arm support9213.33
Monitor stands8712.61
Ergonomic desk405.80
Foot rests456.52
Respondents were allowed to choose more than one answer; totals may not add up to 100%

View optional text answers (30 answers)

GeneralYoga Ball Pin
Timetheos23-Jun-08 11:16
memberTimetheos23-Jun-08 11:16 
GeneralGloves (fingerless) Pin
NeverHeardOfMe21-Jun-08 7:29
memberNeverHeardOfMe21-Jun-08 7:29 
GeneralRe: Gloves (fingerless) Pin
Timetheos23-Jun-08 11:18
memberTimetheos23-Jun-08 11:18 
GeneralCat Pin
Ray Cassick18-Jun-08 9:48
memberRay Cassick18-Jun-08 9:48 
GeneralRe: Cat Pin
peterchen19-Jun-08 0:25
memberpeterchen19-Jun-08 0:25 
GeneralRe: Cat Pin
gri19-Jun-08 1:32
membergri19-Jun-08 1:32 
GeneralMicrosoft Natural Keyboard 4000 Pin
André Casteliano18-Jun-08 8:17
memberAndré Casteliano18-Jun-08 8:17 
GeneralRe: Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000 Pin
KarstenK19-Jun-08 2:09
mveKarstenK19-Jun-08 2:09 
GeneralRe: Microsoft Natural Keyboard 4000 Pin
John R. Shaw19-Jun-08 7:58
memberJohn R. Shaw19-Jun-08 7:58 
GeneralOne thing for sure... Pin
The Cake of Deceit17-Jun-08 10:52
memberThe Cake of Deceit17-Jun-08 10:52 
GeneralRe: One thing for sure... Pin
Jan W.18-Jun-08 2:21
memberJan W.18-Jun-08 2:21 
GeneralRe: One thing for sure... Pin
The Cake of Deceit18-Jun-08 6:41
memberThe Cake of Deceit18-Jun-08 6:41 
JokeOptional Answer... Pin
Indivara17-Jun-08 1:34
professionalIndivara17-Jun-08 1:34 
GeneralRe: Optional Answer... Pin
chaiguy133717-Jun-08 5:13
memberchaiguy133717-Jun-08 5:13 
GeneralMy desk Pin
Christian Graus16-Jun-08 16:36
protectorChristian Graus16-Jun-08 16:36 
GeneralDefinition of "ergonomic"? Pin
User 665816-Jun-08 9:01
memberUser 665816-Jun-08 9:01 
GeneralRe: Definition of "ergonomic"? Pin
ed welch16-Jun-08 12:45
membered welch16-Jun-08 12:45 
GeneralStand up, walk, dance, move your body ... Pin
Maximilien16-Jun-08 8:15
memberMaximilien16-Jun-08 8:15 
GeneralRe: Stand up, walk, dance, move your body ... Pin
Daniel Ferguson16-Jun-08 14:26
memberDaniel Ferguson16-Jun-08 14:26 
GeneralRe: Stand up, walk, dance, move your body ... Pin
Pater21-Jun-08 11:52
memberPater21-Jun-08 11:52 
GeneralDoes it work? Pin
vobject16-Jun-08 6:00
membervobject16-Jun-08 6:00 
GeneralRe: Does it work? Pin
PIEBALDconsult16-Jun-08 6:24
protectorPIEBALDconsult16-Jun-08 6:24 
GeneralRe: Does it work? Pin
Mark J. Miller16-Jun-08 6:33
memberMark J. Miller16-Jun-08 6:33 
GeneralRe: Does it work? Pin
WillemM16-Jun-08 7:03
memberWillemM16-Jun-08 7:03 
GeneralRe: Does it work? Pin
jhwurmbach16-Jun-08 7:30
memberjhwurmbach16-Jun-08 7:30 

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