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Survey Results

You have 24hrs to deliver 2.2 billion gift wrapped parcels. What is most important?   [Edit]

Survey period: 22 Dec 2008 to 29 Dec 2008

An accurate GPS with very, very good mapping and routing software.17121.62
A comprehensive and highly scalable contact manager with extensible field (eg "naughty" and "nice")313.92
An excellent goods tracking system to ensure no dupes, and no clients missed.11214.16
An advanced and very, very fine grained scheduler.415.18
A quad-band World phone and no roaming charges.162.02
A good understanding of global taxes, import restrictions and legal requirements for doing business in each country.577.21
The option of converting to Electronic Software Delivery instead21627.31

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GeneralHe who shouldn't be named... Pin
Luis Alonso Ramos26-Dec-08 6:55
MemberLuis Alonso Ramos26-Dec-08 6:55 
JokeSanta Claus Pin
Dr.Luiji25-Dec-08 10:09
professionalDr.Luiji25-Dec-08 10:09 
JokeMore time Pin
Ed.Poore25-Dec-08 7:21
MemberEd.Poore25-Dec-08 7:21 
GeneralDHL Pin
Rawalian25-Dec-08 2:51
MemberRawalian25-Dec-08 2:51 
JokeCListCtrl Pin
Jim Crafton24-Dec-08 4:14
MemberJim Crafton24-Dec-08 4:14 
GeneralA BIG PLACE!! 24 Hrs is Too Long! Pin
SNathani23-Dec-08 10:51
MemberSNathani23-Dec-08 10:51 
GeneralAn unlimmited source of funds Pin
Opielizer23-Dec-08 10:42
MemberOpielizer23-Dec-08 10:42 
GeneralA good return policy Pin
Todd Smith23-Dec-08 8:28
MemberTodd Smith23-Dec-08 8:28 
GeneralI took a different view Pin
RandyS23-Dec-08 3:21
MemberRandyS23-Dec-08 3:21 
GeneralThe one and only Pin
sucram22-Dec-08 19:23
Membersucram22-Dec-08 19:23 
GeneralHo ho Pin
nossenv22-Dec-08 9:23
Membernossenv22-Dec-08 9:23 
GeneralRe: Ho ho Pin
AllenR22-Dec-08 21:08
professionalAllenR22-Dec-08 21:08 
GeneralPrerequisites include: Pin
codemunkeh22-Dec-08 6:10
Membercodemunkeh22-Dec-08 6:10 
GeneralRe: Prerequisites include: Pin
Corporal Agarn23-Dec-08 4:16
professionalCorporal Agarn23-Dec-08 4:16 
GeneralHiro Pin
Michael Bookatz21-Dec-08 23:52
MemberMichael Bookatz21-Dec-08 23:52 
GeneralRe: Hiro Pin
astanton197822-Dec-08 2:26
Memberastanton197822-Dec-08 2:26 
GeneralRe: Hiro Pin
chaiguy133722-Dec-08 4:39
Memberchaiguy133722-Dec-08 4:39 
Of course he'd still have to do the work. All he can do is stop time...

...unless he just jumped ahead into the future when it was already done... lol.

Sad but true: 4/3 of Americans have difficulty with simple fractions.

There are 10 types of people in this world: those who understand binary and those who don't.

{o,o}.oO( Check out my blog! )

JokeRe: Hiro Pin
Dr.Luiji25-Dec-08 10:06
professionalDr.Luiji25-Dec-08 10:06 
GeneralStaff Pin
Marc Firth21-Dec-08 21:49
MemberMarc Firth21-Dec-08 21:49 
GeneralMaking it manageable Pin
Jakob Olsen21-Dec-08 21:20
MemberJakob Olsen21-Dec-08 21:20 
GeneralIs it not obvious? Pin
ChaosOnion21-Dec-08 19:05
MemberChaosOnion21-Dec-08 19:05 
GeneralRe: Is it not obvious? Pin
Corporal Agarn22-Dec-08 7:56
professionalCorporal Agarn22-Dec-08 7:56 
JokeWill outsource the job !! Pin
Niiiissssshhhhhuuuuu21-Dec-08 18:50
MemberNiiiissssshhhhhuuuuu21-Dec-08 18:50 
GeneralRe: Will outsource the job !! Pin
James Garner (jadaradix)22-Dec-08 0:30
MemberJames Garner (jadaradix)22-Dec-08 0:30 
GeneralRe: Will outsource the job !! Pin
Mladen Janković22-Dec-08 2:55
MemberMladen Janković22-Dec-08 2:55 

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