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How optimistic are you about your company's fortunes for 2009?   [Edit]

Survey period: 5 Jan 2009 to 12 Jan 2009

2008 ended on a grim note. Overall, how are you feeling about how your company (or yourself if self-employed, or your organisation if not in a company) will survive 2009?

2009 will be a great year for us28222.15
2009 will be a good year for us31424.67
2009 will be average24719.40
2009 will be below average16012.57
2009 will be grim.15011.78
Don't know or don't care655.11
I'm not working554.32

GeneralOut of a job and owed money Pin
John Stewien5-Jan-09 19:43
MemberJohn Stewien5-Jan-09 19:43 
GeneralRe: Out of a job and owed money Pin
VentsyV6-Jan-09 8:07
MemberVentsyV6-Jan-09 8:07 
GeneralRe: Out of a job and owed money Pin
John Stewien6-Jan-09 12:55
MemberJohn Stewien6-Jan-09 12:55 
GeneralRe: Out of a job and owed money Pin
StevenWalsh6-Jan-09 15:28
MemberStevenWalsh6-Jan-09 15:28 
GeneralSeems that the situation will improve... Pin
Sandeep Aparajit5-Jan-09 19:19
MemberSandeep Aparajit5-Jan-09 19:19 
GeneralRe: Seems that the situation will improve... Pin
Vasudevan Deepak Kumar11-Jan-09 3:20
MemberVasudevan Deepak Kumar11-Jan-09 3:20 
GeneralTerrible here in Chicago Pin
rbuchner5-Jan-09 12:23
Memberrbuchner5-Jan-09 12:23 
GeneralRe: Terrible here in Chicago Pin
Fred Kreppert7-Jan-09 4:00
MemberFred Kreppert7-Jan-09 4:00 
I too live in the Chicago area (far western suburb) and deal with Chicago and suburban schools, both high schools and colleges. I voted that it would be a very good year for me. My business deals with sports, and schools still seem to have money to spend on sports. Sure they are cutting back slightly. The hospitality room at a tournament now contains chips and bottled water instead of pizza, subway sandwiches, BBQ sandwiches and a variety of drinks, etc., but the fees they pay officials has not gone down. In fact, I have more work scheduled for 2009 than I have in any past year, and I even raised all of my pricing last summer. Most of the work I do at sporting events involves computers (timing, results, stats, etc.), some with software being that which I have written. It is my own business that I run. The biggest problem I have seen in the last couple of years is more competition. I have been in this long enough that I have my loyal customers and am gaining new ones this year as well.

Last night Nightline ran a piece on the housing market of the rich and famous and how even their houses are not selling in this market. They tried to point out that this was a sign that perhaps the market was beginning to bottom out since those types of houses are usually the last to see change in the market. I think we have a long ways to go. I think it will start to bottom out when schools, high schools in particular, start cutting way back on money they spend on sports. Right now I am not seeing much of that yet. When they start not being able to afford new uniforms, reduce the size of a team to reduce travel expenses, reduce the number of non-conference games to save on fees they pay officials, and can not afford to hire me to do the computer work at sporting events, then we will have hit the bottom.

I also deal with non-school related sports such as road race running. Races I worked at during the fall of 2008 seemed to increase the number of runners, not decrease. People are spending money, but they are starting to do so more wisely. They are continuing to do those things that they want to do and like to do and cutting back in other areas. Perhaps they do not participate in as many road races, but more people are participating as a whole, or at least at the ones I am at. I am even adding new races in 2009 that are holding a race for the first time. This of course all means more money for me. Thus, I voted that 2009 will be no worse than 2008, and almost certainly much better. I guess it just depends upon the industry you are in within the Chicago area as to how well 2009 looks to be.
GeneralRe: Terrible here in Chicago Pin
rbuchner7-Jan-09 5:39
Memberrbuchner7-Jan-09 5:39 
GeneralRe: Terrible here in Chicago Pin
Fred Kreppert7-Jan-09 7:28
MemberFred Kreppert7-Jan-09 7:28 
GeneralHorrible year Pin
BobSpeaking5-Jan-09 12:15
MemberBobSpeaking5-Jan-09 12:15 
GeneralRe: Horrible year Pin
Vasudevan Deepak Kumar11-Jan-09 3:19
MemberVasudevan Deepak Kumar11-Jan-09 3:19 
GeneralI answered below average Pin
John M. Drescher5-Jan-09 3:28
MemberJohn M. Drescher5-Jan-09 3:28 
GeneralRevised Plan For 2009 (and Beyond) Pin
W Balboos, GHB5-Jan-09 2:57
mveW Balboos, GHB5-Jan-09 2:57 
GeneralGreat Pin
Paul Watson4-Jan-09 23:56
sitebuilderPaul Watson4-Jan-09 23:56 
GeneralRe: Great Pin
Jason Barry5-Jan-09 2:43
professionalJason Barry5-Jan-09 2:43 
GeneralRe: Great Pin
W Balboos, GHB5-Jan-09 2:53
mveW Balboos, GHB5-Jan-09 2:53 
GeneralRe: Great Pin
Jason Barry5-Jan-09 9:19
professionalJason Barry5-Jan-09 9:19 
GeneralRe: Great Pin
Keyvan Hadjari6-Jan-09 21:49
MemberKeyvan Hadjari6-Jan-09 21:49 
GeneralI answered good Pin
jlwarlow4-Jan-09 21:50
Memberjlwarlow4-Jan-09 21:50 
GeneralRe: I answered good Pin
ed welch4-Jan-09 23:25
Membered welch4-Jan-09 23:25 
GeneralRe: I answered good Pin
jlwarlow4-Jan-09 23:31
Memberjlwarlow4-Jan-09 23:31 
GeneralRe: I answered good Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic5-Jan-09 4:21
MemberNemanja Trifunovic5-Jan-09 4:21 
GeneralRe: I answered good Pin
Paul Watson4-Jan-09 23:53
sitebuilderPaul Watson4-Jan-09 23:53 
GeneralRe: I answered good Pin
jlwarlow4-Jan-09 23:57
Memberjlwarlow4-Jan-09 23:57 

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