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Survey Results

How optimistic are you about your company's fortunes for 2009?   [Edit]

Survey period: 5 Jan 2009 to 12 Jan 2009

2008 ended on a grim note. Overall, how are you feeling about how your company (or yourself if self-employed, or your organisation if not in a company) will survive 2009?

2009 will be a great year for us28222.15
2009 will be a good year for us31424.67
2009 will be average24719.40
2009 will be below average16012.57
2009 will be grim.15011.78
Don't know or don't care655.11
I'm not working554.32

GeneralRe: Out of a job and owed money Pin
John Stewien6-Jan-09 12:55
MemberJohn Stewien6-Jan-09 12:55 
GeneralRe: Out of a job and owed money Pin
StevenWalsh6-Jan-09 15:28
MemberStevenWalsh6-Jan-09 15:28 
GeneralSeems that the situation will improve... Pin
Sandeep Aparajit5-Jan-09 19:19
MemberSandeep Aparajit5-Jan-09 19:19 
GeneralRe: Seems that the situation will improve... Pin
Vasudevan Deepak Kumar11-Jan-09 3:20
MemberVasudevan Deepak Kumar11-Jan-09 3:20 
GeneralTerrible here in Chicago Pin
rbuchner5-Jan-09 12:23
Memberrbuchner5-Jan-09 12:23 
GeneralRe: Terrible here in Chicago Pin
Fred Kreppert7-Jan-09 4:00
MemberFred Kreppert7-Jan-09 4:00 
GeneralRe: Terrible here in Chicago Pin
rbuchner7-Jan-09 5:39
Memberrbuchner7-Jan-09 5:39 
GeneralRe: Terrible here in Chicago Pin
Fred Kreppert7-Jan-09 7:28
MemberFred Kreppert7-Jan-09 7:28 
I do think that sports will be hit by it eventually. And in some respects it probably already is. I would have to ask the ticket takers, but it is very possible that attendance is already down slightly. If 300 people typically attend a basketball game and it is now down to 275, looking at the stands one might see only a small difference, if any at all. On the other hand, the school may only be collecting $825 instead of $900 at each game for instance. Eventually this will have an affect on supplies that they can provide the team with, new balls, pads for football, bats for baseball, towel service, etc.

I haven't noticed much of a difference in the length of the lines at the concession stand either, but that doesn't mean that people aren't spending less. Instead of buying a hot dog, chips, candy bar and drink they may just be purchasing a hot dog and drink or perhaps popcorn and a drink. This means that the concession stand is purchasing less food from the store, which can then affect the retailers and wholesalers that you are referring to.

With less concession stand money, the athletes may have to purchase their own shoes for basketball for instance, instead of the sports boosters providing them. Instead of having 3 pairs for the season they get by with just 2 (one for practice and one for games). This of course affects the shoe manufactures and retailers. By purchasing their own shoes, the athlete and their family then have less money to spend on other clothing, which also affects the clothing industry.

Eventually, the school would need to divert money it spends on the games and events themselves to provide the necessities of the sport. Thus, cutting back on the number of games or events, or worse yet, cutting an entire sport. Due to the lack of funding, some schools have even resorted to cutting all sports for a year. Although that is a bit extreme, some districts have had to do that when referendums don't get passed and they need to divert money from sports to other areas of the school.

Eventually of course, that can all affect my income as they would just not have the funds to be able to hire me and either find alternative ways of doing the same thing, or do without. The survey is asking about 2009 though. Right now, 2009 is looking pretty awesome for me. 2010 or 2011 might be slightly different. So far I've been pretty resourceful at finding products and services that schools can use, so I'm hoping it doesn't get too bad for me.

Apparently you are seeing the other side of things and are getting hit harder now. I'm not sure which would be worse, getting hit harder now or in a year or 2 when hopefully things are beginning to improve as a whole. Perhaps I should just see this as a warning of things yet to come and save what I can now, to be prepared for the future.
GeneralHorrible year Pin
BobSpeaking5-Jan-09 12:15
MemberBobSpeaking5-Jan-09 12:15 
GeneralRe: Horrible year Pin
Vasudevan Deepak Kumar11-Jan-09 3:19
MemberVasudevan Deepak Kumar11-Jan-09 3:19 
GeneralI answered below average Pin
John M. Drescher5-Jan-09 3:28
MemberJohn M. Drescher5-Jan-09 3:28 
GeneralRevised Plan For 2009 (and Beyond) Pin
W Balboos, GHB5-Jan-09 2:57
mveW Balboos, GHB5-Jan-09 2:57 
GeneralGreat Pin
Paul Watson4-Jan-09 23:56
sitebuilderPaul Watson4-Jan-09 23:56 
GeneralRe: Great Pin
Jason Barry5-Jan-09 2:43
professionalJason Barry5-Jan-09 2:43 
GeneralRe: Great PinPopular
W Balboos, GHB5-Jan-09 2:53
mveW Balboos, GHB5-Jan-09 2:53 
GeneralRe: Great Pin
Jason Barry5-Jan-09 9:19
professionalJason Barry5-Jan-09 9:19 
GeneralRe: Great Pin
Keyvan Hadjari6-Jan-09 21:49
MemberKeyvan Hadjari6-Jan-09 21:49 
GeneralI answered good Pin
jlwarlow4-Jan-09 21:50
Memberjlwarlow4-Jan-09 21:50 
GeneralRe: I answered good Pin
ed welch4-Jan-09 23:25
Membered welch4-Jan-09 23:25 
GeneralRe: I answered good Pin
jlwarlow4-Jan-09 23:31
Memberjlwarlow4-Jan-09 23:31 
GeneralRe: I answered good Pin
Nemanja Trifunovic5-Jan-09 4:21
MemberNemanja Trifunovic5-Jan-09 4:21 
GeneralRe: I answered good Pin
Paul Watson4-Jan-09 23:53
sitebuilderPaul Watson4-Jan-09 23:53 
GeneralRe: I answered good Pin
jlwarlow4-Jan-09 23:57
Memberjlwarlow4-Jan-09 23:57 
GeneralRe: I answered good Pin
MarcelloTurnbull5-Jan-09 0:13
MemberMarcelloTurnbull5-Jan-09 0:13 
GeneralRe: I answered good Pin
VentsyV6-Jan-09 8:11
MemberVentsyV6-Jan-09 8:11 

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