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Who is using CodeProject.AI Server?

Blue Iris

5.5.8 - June 13, 2022: More formal support for Code Project’s SenseAI, now our preferred no-extra-cost AI provider over DeepStack. SenseAI is better supported by its developers and has been found to be more stable overall. At this point, if you are relying heavily upon custom AI models, you may need to stick with DeepStack until guidance can be provided on how to add these to SenseAI.

Blue Iris Software

Agent DVR

Agent integrates with DeepStack AI and senseAI to provide intelligent object detection and Facial Recognition services. Agent DVR uses AI object detection to apply an intelligent filter to alerts to reduce the number of false alert events to near zero. You configure Agent DVR as usual with a motion detector/ alert configuration and then add AI alert filtering to ignore alerts that don't have specific objects in the frame - like car, person, dog etc.

Agent DVR