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Industry Content

Article N 13 Aug 2018 by LEADTOOLS Support
LEADTOOLS Cloud Services brings the power of LEADTOOLS document imaging to virtually any programming environment. Its affordable consumption-based pricing model and Web API architecture can get your application rolling quicker than most APIs and SDKs on the market.
Article 2 Aug 2018 by Bruno_Garcia
Here, I’ll go over what Microsoft hath wrought with its most recent Windows update and how you can implement a workaround for crashes caused by the release and how to use Sentry to monitor for errors and iterate on your app without breaking a sweat.
Article 1 Aug 2018 by Andrew D’Auria
In this installment of "Hunting with Splunk: The Basics," we’re going to look at how to detect suspicious and potentially malicious network traffic to "new" domains.
Article 31 Jul 2018 by David Veuve
In our last post on parsing, we detailed how you can pass URL Toolbox a fully qualified domain name or URL and receive a nicely parsed set of fields that includes the query string, top level domain, subdomains. Today, we are going to doing some analytic arithmetic on those fields.
Article 30 Jul 2018 by Sarah Moir
Analyzing My Music Data with Splunk
Article 26 Jul 2018 by Intel Corporation
Understanding Capsule Network Architecture
Article 24 Jul 2018 by Intel Corporation
This guide will help you to write complex neural networks such as Siamese networks in Keras. It also explains the procedure to write your own custom layers in Keras.
Article 20 Jul 2018 by Valeri Karpov
This article will walk you through setting up a Google Cloud Function in Node.js that connects to MongoDB.

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