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6-Nov-14 23:05pm by ashish__shukla (new) 
An overview of ASP.NET vNext
29 mins ago by Andrey Rodin (updated) 
Automation of OPTIONS response in REST-service
5hrs 5mins ago by InvisibleMedia (updated) 
An algorithm for sorting integers with a complexity less than O(n log (n))
10hrs 5mins ago by D Sarthi Maheshwari (updated) 
What if boilerplate code can be written as one-liner? What if you never need to write more than a single line to test condition & throw exception? What if Sonar metrics can be improved without fuss? What if without compromising the code readability, method chaining can be used extensively?
20hrs ago by Intel Corporation (new) 
This article provides a list of industrial sensors currently supported by the UPM library, as well as information about supported communications protocols.
20hrs ago by Intel Corporation (new) 
If you’re a world-class software developer who wants to play a leadership role in the emerging Internet of Things, Intel would like to talk to you.
20hrs ago by Intel Corporation (new) 
This tutorial will show you a method to restart your Amazon Greengrass Core Device remotely using HDC.
20hrs ago by Intel Corporation (new) 
Connecting to AT&T M2X IoT using MQTT
20hrs ago by winsonet (updated) 
ServiceStack.OrmLite is an Open Source, Fast, Simple, Typed ORM for .NET, the performance is better than EntityFramework and more flexible. You can find more detail in their GitHub site.And in this article, I will show you how to do the code first with OrmLite and keep the data.
24hrs ago by Mahsa Hassankashi (new) 
Best Practice For Opinion and Text Mining Based on Naïve Bayesian Classifier. This article will explain complete and describe detail by detail and step by step computational matters.
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Fri 21 Jul 2017
It's pretty much known to anyone in the programming world that Java is one of the hardest languages to learn right off the bat; that is if you've...
Fri 21 Jul 2017
It's one thing to write it because you're trying to win the IOCCC or you're writing a puzzle, but in both cases, you know that you're doing...
Fri 21 Jul 2017
Two of the largest dark web marketplaces have been shut down following a "landmark" international law enforcement investigation.
Fri 21 Jul 2017
Starting today, you can now explore the International Space Station in Street View in Google Maps.
Fri 21 Jul 2017
Apple has launched the ‘Machine Learning Journal’, a blog for Apple’s software engineers to document their research and innovations in the AI and...

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by Asyraf Patt
My code should, if the textbox is empty the pictureBox 1 will appear else will appear picturebox 2 What I have tried: if (tb5.Text == "") { string myStringVariable1 = string.Empty; pictureBox1.Image == true(); // calling the picture ...
19 mins ago by tcmauldin
Forum: Visual Studio 2015 & .NET 4.6
by Member 13323271
i have a text boxes that is dynamically created i want to compare the value of the textboxes to a textbox that sums the values in the dynamically generated textbexes What I have tried: function compareVals() { var subtotal = 0; var sum = 0; $("input[name='subtotal[]']").each(function...
by Member 13176616
Line 2960: this.Adapter.SelectCommand = this.CommandCollection[5]; Line 2961: CDS.ADDJOB_SELECTDataTable dataTable = new CDS.ADDJOB_SELECTDataTable(); Line 2962: this.Adapter.Fill(dataTable); Line 2963: return dataTable; Line 2964: } What I...
1hr 5mins ago by Member 13322378
Forum: Visual Studio

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by Mahsa Hassankashi  4.98/5 (16 votes)
Best Practice For Learning Basic of Machine Learning and Gradient Descent Based on Linear Regression. This article will explain complete and describe detail by detail and step by step computational matters.
by CMalcheski  4.97/5 (10 votes)
App Initialization and Main Window Creation
by gggustafson  4.85/5 (10 votes)
This article presents methods to convert CSV formatted data to and from DataTables
by Mahsa Hassankashi  5.00/5 (8 votes)
This article provides python code for random forest, one of popular machine learning algorithm in easy and simple way.

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