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8-Feb-15 19:22pm by SupperSlonic (new) 
The Web API token based authentication via OWIN OAuth2 middleware supported by Facebook, Google, Microsoft.Extracting additional user's information from social networks.
14 hrs ago by Komal Mangal (new) 
Get the size of files having long path in  C#.NET 3.5
17 hrs ago by Uzi Granot (updated) 
PDF File Writer is a C# .NET class library allowing applications to create PDF files. Version 1.16.0 enhancements: Unicode text support and reduced memory requirements.
yesterday by Mohammed Ibrahim.L (new) 
Control Monitor Power using C#
yesterday by Ranga Karanam (new) 
Java Collections Interview Questions Why do we need Collections in Java? What are the important methods that are declared in the Collection Interface? Can you explain briefly about the List Interface? Can you brie
yesterday by Oliver Kohl D.Sc. (updated) 
This article presents you some capabilities of PowerShell like the usage of .NET Framework 4.0 and .NET threading.
yesterday by Bjørn (new) 
A Service listening to Windows EventLog, recognizing attacker IPs and block them in the Windows Firewall.
yesterday by Tank Knat (new) 
2 days ago by Anton Angelov (new) 
Explains in details how to implement Page Object Pattern- through the usage of the built-in feature in WebDriver and how to create it from scratch.
2 days ago by syed shanu (updated) 
In this article we will see how to create a simple web application using MVC 5 ,Angular JS ,WEB API 2 to perform CRUD(Create/Read/Update and Delete) Operations using Entity Framework with Stored procedure.
2 days ago by syed shanu (updated) 
Design your Winform at Runtime.Perform CRUD operation to your Form at Runtime with out writting any code using Stored Procedure.

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Thu 30 Jul 2015
How to apply this new style to businesses trying to become better at building and delivering software.
Thu 30 Jul 2015
Senior citizens make up a huge chunk of those who abstain, but income, education, location and ethnicity also are factors, according to Pew Research.
Thu 30 Jul 2015
How long before Windows Update FORCES a Win10 update, do you think?
Thu 30 Jul 2015
Thu 30 Jul 2015

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by Tshepo Kelebetse
Enter number of items purchasedfollowed by the cost of one item.Do not use a dollar sign. 10 19.9910 items at $19.99 each.Total amount due $199.90.Please tae your mechandise.Place $199.90 in an envelopeans slide it under the office door.Thank you for using the self service...
by cserakeshcseranjan
i want to create a website which have a link for the payment option. i know basic of so any body please help me..
by MyShikayat
I have create problem to create direct login page with facebook and gmail.
by Member 11871116
I want a re sizable text box in windows application. If text more then text box area then user can increase the width of textbox using mouse. Text box width only changeable from right side of the text box
by Golden Mind
helloi'm use angular-file-uploadto upload word files doc and docxbut i want to convert those types to pdf filelike thisvar unoconv = require('unoconv'); unoconv.convert(file.path, 'pdf', function (err, result) { console.log(err); ...

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by newton.saber  4.76/5 (12 votes)
With this utility you can get a good idea of whether or not that oddly named Process you see in TaskManager is malicious or not.
by gggustafson  4.92/5 (12 votes)
This article presents the RoundedButton control and describes the .Net DrawArc method, the subject of a number of questions on programming forums.
by Marla Sukesh  4.78/5 (13 votes)
This article is a continuation article of the series “Learn MVC project in 7 days
by Bjørn  4.88/5 (12 votes)
A Service listening to Windows EventLog, recognizing attacker IPs and block them in the Windows Firewall.
by Marla Sukesh  4.48/5 (9 votes)
This article is continuation of day 7 for Learn MVC Project in 7 Days.

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