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21-Nov-11 12:59pm by dmihailescu (moved) 
UI and concurrent programming using IAsyncResult, BackgroundWorker, TPL, and ‘async’ syntax.
1 hr ago by Shemeer NS (new) 
Simple WCF RESTful Service, WebGetAttribute and WebInvokeAttribute, UriTemplate and UriTemplateTable. GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.
4 hrs ago by R M Shahidul Islam Shahed (new) 
ASP.NET MVC 5 applications
13 hrs ago by B. Clay Shannon (updated) 
Code to send an XML file over the wire using REST / Web API
14 hrs ago by Mayur V Lohite (updated) 
A basic guide for URL Rewriting
18 hrs ago by César de Souza, Diego Catalano (updated) 
Scientific computing for Java and Android.
18 hrs ago by 0xC0000054 (updated) 
A C# library to host Photoshop-compatible filters in .NET 2.0 and later
19 hrs ago by adriancs (new) 
Convert DataTable to Class Object
19 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
Complete CRUD Operations in MVC 4 using Entity Framework 5 without writing a single line of code
19 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
Repository pattern in MVC3 application with entity framework
19 hrs ago by Akhil Mittal (updated) 
My effort in this article was to put some light on building a generic multilayered architecture using Entity Framework 4.1 and MVC3 razor view engine.

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by LEADTOOLS Support
LEAD Technologies is always finding new ways to turn complex...
by donn-felker
Crashlytics is a free service offered by Twitter that collects your...
by donn-felker
In this article I’m going to discuss how this data can help you fix the...
by Android on Intel
This guide is intended to help developers port existing ARM*-based NDK...
by SoftPerfect Research
Introduction in the File System Notification Kit (FSNK) product for...

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Thu 28 Aug 2014
Apple's a hardware company, Microsoft's a software company, and Google makes almost all of its income from advertising. All three companies have...
Thu 28 Aug 2014
After months of campaigning for smartphone anti-theft legislation, San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon got what he wanted Monday:...
Thu 28 Aug 2014
Those working in Android are busy debugging, while those focused on iOS have to code, code, code
Thu 28 Aug 2014
Women make 31 percent more in-app purchases than men, according to a recent report from Flurry.
Thu 28 Aug 2014
The basic aim of the platform is to be incredibly adaptable and malleable, so why do people continue to try defining Android's success through the...

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by Vijaya Kumar
Here am vijay already to prepare the website and launch also but our company need to recruitment process need online procedure like TNPSC(Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission) method so pls give some ideas
by Vignesh U
Problem : Valid Segments 2Consider text comprised of sentences and sentences comprised of words. Words in a sentence will be space delimited. Text will comprise of two types of words, viz. alpha words and beta words. Alpha words are denoted in the input. All words in the text which are...
by E.Diao
Problem: There is a process that had loaded a .NET DLL(say foo.dll) when the process start up. In another folder(say FooFolder), I got an exactly same foo.dll (same name, same version and same public token). I know if I use Assembly.LoadFrom() to load the FoolFolder/foo.dll, the...
by thangaraj kathiravan
ALTER PROCEDURE Ins2(@id INT,@name NVARCHAR(50)) AS BEGIN BEGIN try INSERT INTO abc (id, name) VALUES (@id, @name) END try BEGIN catch INSERT INTO...
24 mins ago by Member 11042192
Forum: Java

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by Mark J. Caplin  4.97/5 (50 votes)
AngularJS and the MVC/MVVM design patterns
by Akhil Mittal  4.97/5 (38 votes)
Understanding Enums in C#.My article of the series “Diving in OOP” will explain enum datatype in C#.
by Hassan Hashemi  4.74/5 (35 votes)
briefly exploring most important new features of C# 6
by lucasontivero  4.96/5 (29 votes)
A class library for port forwarding in NAT devices that support Universal Plug and Play (UPNP) and/or Port Mapping Protocol (PMP)
by Samer Abu Rabie  4.85/5 (23 votes)
This article talks about Fluentx .NET Library

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