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6-Aug-11 10:06am by Saleth Prakash (moved) 
Image related operations done using C#.
2 mins ago by Bankey Sharma (new) 
Converting DataReader Result into List of Objects Using Generic Type, Property Attribute and Reflection
8 mins ago by Cuba Cubicula (new) 
Attached behavior that saves control's template in a file as XAML
3 hrs ago by Amogh Natu (new) 
This tip explains how to call a web method with a POST request using xml request messaage in C#.
3 hrs ago by Tsuda Kageyu (updated) 
Provides the basic part of Microsoft Detours functionality for both x64/x86 environments.
4 hrs ago by Kaushal Jain (updated) 
Common issues faced while implementing WCF in Project
4 hrs ago by Arvind Singh Baghel (new) 
I am writing code to encrypt password in connection string in config file and Decrypt password while getting connection from confige file.
4 hrs ago by Pavith Goonathilake (updated) 
How to Adjust your WebSite to fit all types of Resolution
5 hrs ago by John Atten (updated) 
With the release of the Identity 2.0 framework in March of 2014, the Identity team has added a significant set of new features to the previously simple, but somewhat minimal ASP.NET Identity system. Some of the most visible, and in-demand features introduced with the new release are account validati
5 hrs ago by Rahul Rajat Singh (updated) 
In this we will discuss about implementing custom forms authentication in an ASP.NET MVC application.
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Tim_Duncan
This article will discuss how the Krita developers added 2 in 1...
by William Van Winkle
Recently, the Intel® App Innovation Contest in partnership with the...
by LEADTOOLS Support
This white paper will dive into the many advantages and uses for...
by Dirk_Strauss
Securing Your .NET Applications – A Summary Review Of Visual Guard
by Jeffrey T. Fritz
In this article, I’m going to show you how to set up dtSearch with an...

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Thu 24 Apr 2014
I always had problem with theoretical questions in interview. recently I was interviewed for a SW Architect position and all the question he asked...
Thu 24 Apr 2014
ARIN is now down to their final block of IPv4 addresses.
Thu 24 Apr 2014
It’s important for developers to remember that any vulnerability that affects Web applications can also affect mobile HTML5 applications. And...
Thu 24 Apr 2014
The official joke any time robots or artificial intelligence comes up online is “Skynet.” We all have a laugh about the robot apocalypse, then...
Thu 24 Apr 2014
Akamai's latest State of the Internet Report is out and it shows an Internet that's becoming faster and more dangerous.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by avianrand
In moving a project from Access 2003 to 2010 I created a custom ribbon tab using the USysRibbons method. It works fine but it only shows up when I open the mdb without the shift key. How can I get that tab to show up in the ribbon when I'm in shift key mode? I don't "call" it anywhere in code....
by creizlein
I'm trying to get a per disk ( or per partition ) usage report, aka read/write bytesi know i can use performance counters for this, or even WMI, but i would like to achieve this same result by using native WinAPI with p/invokedoes anyone can point me to the right functions or libraries to...
35 mins ago by Kevin Marois
Forum: Silverlight / WPF
by Serenity1
I got a pretty big ajax problem at work. I hope someone can help on this this. (Sorry, I didn't bring the c# code home) I got this one control that does a excel import (which can be time consuming) of a uploaded file. I wrote a ajax script that calls a aspx page on a timer for a specific...
by Member 10493581
I am making a web page, in which I have to open a popup window from an buton after 8 seconds(8000 ms).I want to put some delay(8 seconds) before a popup open problem is that mozilla firefox block my popupHere is my code: ...

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by Marco Bertschi  4.96/5 (30 votes)
Serial communication with an Arduino Board via C# and the SerialPort class from the System.IO.Ports namespace
by Sarvesh Kushwaha  4.95/5 (27 votes)
This article describes what CSRF attack is and how to prevent CSRF attacks.
by Siddhartha S.  4.97/5 (20 votes)
A WPF smart client demonstrating nitty gritty of MVVM for a real life LOB application.
by Evgeny Zavalkovsky  4.88/5 (15 votes)
An easy and an elegeant way to create "trusted" data variables.
by Yang Kok Wah  4.90/5 (14 votes)
Techniques in tracing outlines in a drawing

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