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25-Mar-13 18:28pm by Shai Raiten (updated) 
How to work with Windows Store apps from a Desktop application - Run, Get App State, Stop, and more.
1 hr ago by Apriorit Inc, Andy Bisikalo (updated) 
In this article, we’ll consider Dynamic Disks. We are going to explore the program implementation with the help of the LDM (Logical Disk Manager) technology.
1 hr ago by adriancs (updated) 
Tips on sorting a list of objects.
4 hrs ago by Matt T Heffron (new) 
This is an alternative for "Subset - Sum Problem with Integer Arrays "
8 hrs ago by Yang Kok Wah (updated) 
Techniques in tracing outlines in a drawing
13 hrs ago by EastBancTech (new) 
Here is our tip on how to troubleshoot an issue with calling asmx web service in SharePoint 2010 through jQuery
13 hrs ago by gunjan k saxena (new) 
This tip will help to create an action filter to compress the contents like Json, partial view, etc.
13 hrs ago by Antonio Nakic Alfirevic (updated) 
Creating a library for persisting the application state data between work sessions
13 hrs ago by Samson Mebrahtu (new) 
Asterisk java integration using fast AGI.
16 hrs ago by Martin Solovey (new) 
Simple API to Register/Listen for HotKey in .NET applications
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Keith Temple
How to take advantage of Intel® Developer Zone program resources to...
by LEADTOOLS Support
This white paper will dive into the many advantages and uses for...
by Dirk_Strauss
Securing Your .NET Applications – A Summary Review Of Visual Guard
by William Van Winkle
Recently, the Intel® App Innovation Contest in partnership with the...
by Edward J Correia
When Intel put a call out for apps that would transform the way we...

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Fri 18 Apr 2014
The Heartbleed bug crushed our faith in the secure web, but a world without the encryption software that Heartbleed exploited would be even worse....
Fri 18 Apr 2014
I think that the quality of Code Project is going down.
Fri 18 Apr 2014
So: </div> is an invalid self-closing tag and is viewed as a new tag
Fri 18 Apr 2014
Astronomers have discovered what they say is the most Earth-like planet yet detected — a distant, rocky world that’s similar in size to our own...
Fri 18 Apr 2014
So, which code-base should I be reading about to improve myself?

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by Muhammad Taqi Hassan Bukhari
I have a scenario where user signup and fill his basic profile field i.e email,username, password, phone and cnin no. Late after successful signup . i have to show a full page for that user to update his Profile further, that includes his DOB, addresses, party belonging, interest, movies, an...
by Sonu1960
Hi,I have 2 tables for example X and Y.In X i have ID with PK.In Y i have ID with FK. Here what i need is when i delete a row from X table of ID as 1,i have to delete all rows of ID as 1 in Y table.
by Nosheen Javed
I have a commandcolumn which I am generating through code. But now the problem is as soon as I refresh the grid another column of the same type appears and it keeps on appearing on the refresh. Is there any way I cal clear the all columns and then set the datasource?Thank You.
by lehuyhuan
Hi all,I want to remove one attribute of all online sessions. I have cached a content of one short textfile to session. But the problem occur when i update the textfile, it continue use old content so that is reason which i want to remove the attribute of all online session.Any one meet...
by Sunil Kumar
Hello everyone, I am developing a windows forms application. I need to copy an image from local drive of pc or screen print and save it as background of a panel on my app. Please suggest anything if you have any idea.Thanks in advanceRegardsSunil

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by Shai Vashdi  5.00/5 (34 votes)
This article shows a simple way to implement Master-Detail pattern with hierarchical DataTemplate
by Sarvesh Kushwaha  4.95/5 (25 votes)
This article describes what CSRF attack is and how to prevent CSRF attacks.
by Nick Sagriotis  4.96/5 (16 votes)
You want to customize the database connection string at run-time? Here is how.
by Jakub Szymanowski  4.84/5 (15 votes)
The article shows implementation of fundamental algorithms in matrix and polynominal algebra
by Fabio Ottavi  4.89/5 (14 votes)
An implementatio of an ISO 7816 Virtual SmartCard

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