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15-Aug-12 9:27am by PavolSatala (updated) 
How to create a pairs game for about 90% of Smartphones?
7 hrs ago by Mohammed Ibrahim.L (new) 
Control Monitor Power using C#
10 hrs ago by Igor Krupitsky (new) 
This article shows how to get ADO.NET DataTable out of Excel
14 hrs ago by Ranga Karanam (new) 
Java Collections Interview Questions Why do we need Collections in Java? What are the important methods that are declared in the Collection Interface? Can you explain briefly about the List Interface? Can you brie
14 hrs ago by Ranga Karanam (new) 
This is Part 4 of a 7 part series on advanced Java interview questions.
15 hrs ago by Ranga Karanam (new) 
Web Services Interview Questions
15 hrs ago by Dominic Burford (new) 
Improving Code Reviews
15 hrs ago by Dmitriy Kozlov (new) 
Passing and getting Date object to and from date and datetime fields
15 hrs ago by Ranga Karanam (new) 
REST Web Services Interview Questions
15 hrs ago by Oliver Kohl D.Sc. (updated) 
This article presents you some capabilities of PowerShell like the usage of .NET Framework 4.0 and .NET threading.
16 hrs ago by Ranga Karanam (new) 
Struts Interview Questions

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Your app will run on phone, PCs,the XBox, but you'll have to learn new APIs, but you get new features, but now you have Yet Another Platform to test on... How does it balance out for you?
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News Latest News

Wed 29 Jul 2015
A research team from Harvard University has made pig-skin lasers. Here’s how they did it—and perhaps more importantly, why.
Wed 29 Jul 2015
Steve Naidamast is back with an opinion piece about the danger of technology’s “dark side”.
Wed 29 Jul 2015
'Impossible' rocket drive works and could get to Moon in four hours
Wed 29 Jul 2015
I just finished a hobby android and WPF app and I found I missed something very important - icons for the UI.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by Fellow Mtshalie
How do i allow a user to change a password for the first time when they log in to the system?
by SuperSlavik
Good day,Please, indicate: can local reference variables increase performance of .NET applications? In particular, is Method2, indicated below, faster than Method1? What are drawbacks of Method2 regarding memory usage and the GarbageCollector?public void Method1(){ for (int i =...
by Member 11574926
i have an ellipse in the main window .xaml and i want to change the angle of this shape after i dropped to the canvas so how can i make my shape rotate when i click a button in wpf
by Fabiyi Michael Ibukun
Hello guys, I really need your help. All Validation controls on every page in my project don't work in client-side. the button_Click event fires immediately the button is clicked even when the validation isn't true. I put the code below in my project and in a new project, it works perfectly in...
by gregorio89
Hi I have to read an xsd for create the xml structure on a dataset.when I do Dim Dati_xml As New DataSet Dati_xml.ReadXmlSchema("xsdpath")I get this error Element '' is not declared.Can you help me?thank you

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by Akhil Mittal , Vikas Sharma  4.78/5 (35 votes)
Understanding Events in C# (An Insight)
by syed shanu  4.71/5 (29 votes)
In this article we will see how to create a simple web application using MVC 5 ,Angular JS ,WEB API 2 to perform CRUD(Create/Read/Update and Delete) Operations using Entity Framework with Stored procedure.
by newton.saber  4.76/5 (12 votes)
With this utility you can get a good idea of whether or not that oddly named Process you see in TaskManager is malicious or not.
by gggustafson  4.92/5 (12 votes)
This article presents the RoundedButton control and describes the .Net DrawArc method, the subject of a number of questions on programming forums.
by Marla Sukesh  4.75/5 (11 votes)
This article is a continuation article of the series “Learn MVC project in 7 days

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