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4-Jan-15 22:26pm by twit88 (updated) 
Turn your Android phone into a SMS gateway, sending and receiving SMS through RESTful service
5-Oct-16 9:41am by YevheniyK (updated) 
The article describes a general approach to using Cocos2d-x on top of native components and relevant coding specifics for Cocos2d-x, iOS and Android.
4-Oct-16 0:21am by Cindy Potvin (updated) 
How to get started with Android development - Basic structure
1-Oct-16 10:13am by Rou1997 (new) 
Display Web Page In Your App . . . Use HTTP Without Deprecated Apache Client . . . Get & Parse HTML of URL . . . Download String of URL . . . Use Own | 3rd-Party Server API . . . Run Anywhere From Eclair To Marshmallow . . .
1-Oct-16 1:51am by twit88 (new) 
Night vision in Android using OpenCV
30-Sep-16 4:19am by Rou1997 (new) 
Photo | Audio | Video | Any File . . . From Camera/Microphone, From SD-Card Via Gallery, Or SD-Card Via File Manager . . .
26-Sep-16 6:57am by Rou1997 (new) 
Java, Eclipse . . . Very, Very Simple Project With Android File Dialogs . . . Compatible With Any Android Version
24-Sep-16 14:00pm by Member 10165288 (new) 
A library allows for easy access to communicate with BluetoothLE devices
16-Sep-16 0:08am by Rou1997 (new) 
Running Intent To Call Phone | Skype . . . Getting Incoming | Outgoing | Missed | All Calls . . .
14-Sep-16 12:15pm by DavidCrow (new) 
Revealing a hidden image using multiple methods
14-Sep-16 0:47am by pgmr_64804 (updated) 
Tree View in Swift for Android that is easy to implement and use
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Fri 21 Oct 2016
LinkedIn today announced the Top Skills of 2016, their annual list of the skills employers need most in candidates.
Fri 21 Oct 2016
Objects that recycle ambient radio signals can get online without a power source.
Fri 21 Oct 2016
Bezos says that space is the next frontier, a new internet if you will, that is desperately lacking in infrastructure to support new entrepreneurs.
Fri 21 Oct 2016
IBM continues to challenge the popular myth is that Macs are more expensive than PCs.
Fri 21 Oct 2016
Lurking in the kernel for nine years, flaw gives untrusted users unfettered root access.

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by Member 12632487
I know the use of NEW keyword but i am confuse that what is main perpose of new keyword?Some time we can do the same thing with other methods which we do with new keyword so need of clarification.below is the exampleI have created pointer object obj of class person and pass the address of...
by Member 12809433
I have some big long code from a group project I'm working on. We all add our own separate classes to an "Army" class that consists of a GUI showing each of our different classes (like "Archer, Ninja, Catapult, etc.).Anyway, I want to create an ArrayList that records each of the objects...
by Member 12435531
Hyhow can I get back variable value from PHP , I modified this code:JavaScript Ajax Post to PHP File XMLHttpRequest Object Return Data Tutorial[Ajax Post to PHP File XMLHttpRequest Object Return Data Tutorial]If I calculate something in PHP...and create array in PHP , how can I pass...
by Member 12789900
HelloI made a simple minesweeper using Visual Studio 2015 and WPF project.The program is fully functional but needs minor adjustments. My biggest problem is how do I display the nearby mines on adjacent cells and show all the empty cells like in the real original minesweeper?My current...
by gaurigan
code sample : internal virtual DataGridViewTextBoxColumn firstColum { get => this._firstColum; [MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.Synchronized)] set { this._firstColum = value; } ...

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by Florian Wendel
Every software developer must face the challenge of integrating a plethora of external APIs into their app to increase its value to their users. This can take a lot of time since these APIs are often vastly different. API abstraction promises relief but there are different approaches.

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