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12-Sep-13 14:53pm by Tomz_KV (updated) 
This article illustrates a technique used to dynamically create, populate and submit an InfoPath form to a SharePoint form library using data from a SQL database.
55 mins ago by TonyTonyQ (new) 
Alternative way for implementing Abort/Retry/Ignore logic
6 hrs ago by Marla Sukesh (updated) 
In this article we will learn how to perform Unit Testing in Asp.Net MVC
15 hrs ago by Alan Fay (new) 
One API to rule them all (all XML file formats that is)
22 hrs ago by Kaushal Jain (new) 
Common issues faced while implementing WCF in Project
yesterday by Rajendra D. Patel (new) 
How to insert data using stored procedure in ASP.NET
yesterday by Hamzeh soboh (updated) 
Embed/extract a text in/from an image
yesterday by MSBassSinger (new) 
Writing a threaded application with a responsive UI
yesterday by Dave Clemmer (updated) 
Introducing the Mo+ language and the Mo+ Solution Builder IDE.
yesterday by 31337 H4X0R (updated) 
Generic Abstract Factory Design Pattern
yesterday by Banjoo (updated) 
Stream and play TCP Audio data from Microphone (VoIP)

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Showcase Product Showcase

by Edward J Correia
The Scribblify drawing app with its 10-point touch capability and...
by Brad_Hill
Upgrading to Windows 8.1 further refines the Windows 8 user experience....
by Cisco
Cisco ® Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) integrates Citrix...
by Edward J Correia
When Intel put a call out for apps that would transform the way we...
by Tim_Duncan
This article will discuss how the Krita developers added 2 in 1...

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Thu 24 Apr 2014
I always had problem with theoretical questions in interview. recently I was interviewed for a SW Architect position and all the question he asked...
Thu 24 Apr 2014
ARIN is now down to their final block of IPv4 addresses.
Thu 24 Apr 2014
It’s important for developers to remember that any vulnerability that affects Web applications can also affect mobile HTML5 applications. And...
Thu 24 Apr 2014
The official joke any time robots or artificial intelligence comes up online is “Skynet.” We all have a laugh about the robot apocalypse, then...
Thu 24 Apr 2014
Akamai's latest State of the Internet Report is out and it shows an Internet that's becoming faster and more dangerous.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by Bishawjit saha
void CannyThreshold(int, void*){ /// Reduce noise with a kernel 3x3 blur( src_gray, detected_edges, Size(3,3) ); /// Canny detector Canny( detected_edges, detected_edges, lowThreshold, lowThreshold*ratio, kernel_size ); /// Using Canny's output as a mask, we display our...
by forumsharry
Below u can see i raise an event in application_start AddHandler ChatService.OnContactsRequired, AddressOf ChatService_OnContactsRequired and created a method Private Sub ChatService_OnContactsRequired(ByVal obj As OnContactsRequiredEventArgs) to get contact list for every user...
by Member 10715787
I have a table with following data.. A B C DBR00002 281 2.22 12-01-2013BR00002 277 1.65 12-02-2013BR00002 267 1.8 12-03-2013I Want to get the following result..X y 12-01-2013 12-02-2013 12-03-2013BR00002 825 2.22 1.65 1.8Please help, How to get...
by 09hadi
Hi, I am new to Lightswitch applications. Looking to publish a simple application for a client. The thing I fail to comprehend is the data connection and related stuff. In all the tutorials, everyone has given a connection string, but I dont understand that the application will be running on the...

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by Marco Bertschi  4.96/5 (30 votes)
Serial communication with an Arduino Board via C# and the SerialPort class from the System.IO.Ports namespace
by Sarvesh Kushwaha  4.95/5 (27 votes)
This article describes what CSRF attack is and how to prevent CSRF attacks.
by Fabio Ottavi  4.92/5 (16 votes)
An implementatio of an ISO 7816 Virtual SmartCard
by Siddhartha S.  4.96/5 (16 votes)
A WPF smart client demonstrating nitty gritty of MVVM for a real life LOB application.
by Yang Kok Wah  4.90/5 (14 votes)
Techniques in tracing outlines in a drawing

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