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9-Sep-14 13:05pm by Nitesh Luharuka (new) 
How to implement paging in GridView Control in ASP.NET
4 mins ago by AJSON (updated) 
A whirlwind tour of how to implement search, filter and sort using KnockoutJS
35 mins ago by Michael Chourdakis (updated) 
Immerse yourself in system programming!
4 hrs ago by Bernardo Castilho (updated) 
The article presents an ICollectionView class that supports filtering and sorting.
4 hrs ago by WaqaarRasool (new) 
Heartbeat Implementation in WCF Service in C#
5 hrs ago by Nimmi Joseph (new) 
Test / Increase the performance of the search feature in applications
7 hrs ago by Florin Panescu (new) 
This library is for creating shortcut .lnk & .url
7 hrs ago by 1337Architect (updated) 
Handy classes to use the .NET Encryption/Decryption
7 hrs ago by Dhruv Singh (new) 
Detailed usage of the newer python format() method for strings
7 hrs ago by Pavel Durov (new) 
Basic NDK implementation using Hello World application.
8 hrs ago by biicode (new) 
We have a big problem. We have miserably failed to explain the core value proposition of biicode: a file-based dependency manager.
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Android on Intel
In this article I will explain how to build a project with CoCos2D.
by donn-felker
In this article I’m going to discuss how this data can help you fix the...
by Alvin Ashcraft
Last June, I reviewed the Aspose.Email for .NET component and...
by Geoff Arnold
What follows is a description of how senior programmer Richard...
by Android on Intel
This paper will discuss optimization needs and approaches on Android...

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Wed 1 Oct 2014
Oracle has overhauled the way it will build user interfaces in a bid to meet customers' expectations for user-friendly mobile applications.
Wed 1 Oct 2014
JavaScript is just another assembly language. People should not use it directly, like they don't use x86 instruction set directly anymore.
Wed 1 Oct 2014
A prototype of MySQL 5.7 is shipping with an optional component called the MySQL HTTP Plugin. This plugin allows direct access to MySQL via a REST...
Wed 1 Oct 2014
We’re conducting research to help us better understand our members and better tailor our site to you. Would you mind taking this brief survey to...
Wed 1 Oct 2014
Microsoft’s Windows announcement is underway and Windows 10 is being unveiled. Out of some of the more exciting features unveiled, Microsoft...

Discussions Latest Discussions

by matthewlee887
When copying 1.2 GB mdb from pc to network, it seems that the copy created in the network is corrupted although I'm not able to tell by looking at the size of the file. Does anyone have an experience of copying a big mdb file from pc to network?
by yasser hosny
What I need is to have something like a frame displays AutoCAD file, for the purpose of linking this file within a c# application and getting information from it to be stored in SQL Server DB.For example: AutoCAD file displays a design for an area which is divided into blocks, which also...
by Member 11121464
Hello everyone!I have recently installed UserCakes registration/user system on my website.I want to make it so that registration is available only to users that pay a monthly fee.Does anyone have any advice on how I would go about doing this or where I could get some information? I'm...
by CosmosNebula
I have a customer table where a customer will have zero or many contacts, and where a contact can be on any number of customers. The contacts are in the customer table. I created a table called customer_contacts with 2 PKs, one called customer_PK that references the customer_PK of the customer...
by harryfran
Hey!While working on a tileset for 2KH, Vista display drivers started behaving strange (black screen for a second, then screen comes back with a recovery message )I successfully saved my work, right before a complete system crash, but once I restarted Vista, and tried opening my work to...

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by Sandeep sunku  4.89/5 (43 votes)
This article showcases on explaining the Threading concepts available in .Net
by Shivprasad koirala  4.95/5 (32 votes)
In this article we have explained why MVC and we will be comparing MVC with webforms.
by iSahilSharma  4.89/5 (26 votes)
This article is the second part of the series “Abstract Class & Interface: Two Villains of Every Interview” and explains the important key points of Interface.
by Suraj Sahoo Mindfiresolutions  4.83/5 (23 votes)
Lets get into the concepts of Dependency Injection and How can that be handy in MVC applications
by Pavel Torgashov  4.94/5 (18 votes)
Fast and flexible replacing of standard WinForm’s controls: ListBox, CheckedListBox and TreeView.

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