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3-Jan-15 9:04am by Espen Harlinn (updated) 
Windows API, menus, c++ lambda expressions, std::enable_shared_from_this
1hr ago by Kiran Vaidyanathan (new) 
An article to create a wizard layout using C# Windows Forms Application
1hr 5mins ago by VijayRana (new) 
10 ways to Bind Multiple Models on a View in MVC
3hrs 10mins ago by Patrice Dargenton (new) 
File2XL lets you open any text file into MS-Excel
3hrs 15mins ago by Gegnjani (new) 
Resize and Drag a FormBorderStyle-None Form in .NET
4hrs 15mins ago by Nitij (new) 
An article about the history, current trends and the future of JavaScript Promises
6hrs 10mins ago by Ahmed Abd EL-Latif (new) 
in this post i will talk about the difference between web service , web API , WCF
7hrs 10mins ago by ChienVH (new) 
This post is going to guide you how to use Asp.MVC with Infinite Scrolling Jquery to get the data from CSV file, then displaying on your web page. Each time when you scrolling down, it will lazy load more data, then appending into your page.
7hrs 10mins ago by Simon Jackson (new) 
Do you like making money? Or would you like to see your app in front of more users? Then read on. If you have any apps on the Windows Store you will have likely received a mail of late asking you to update your age ratings, the reason for this …
8hrs ago by Florian Rappl (new) 
This article introduces MAGES - a very simple, yet powerful, expression parser and interpreter.
18hrs ago by David A. Gray (new) 
The Excel powered resource generator, version 2, is vastly improved and better documented.
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Mon 27 Jun 2016
Well, it certainly takes a lot of hutzpah to make such sweeping declarations about software engineering based on three months of bootcamp training...
Mon 27 Jun 2016
A team of researchers claim they've developed malware that can extract data from an isolated computer with no internet connection, camera or audio...
Mon 27 Jun 2016
Early last month, Twitter user WalkingCat discovered that Microsoft had published listings for WordPad, XPS Viewer, Microsoft Character Map, and...
Mon 27 Jun 2016
Mon 27 Jun 2016
Malware family packages a large number of exploits that give all-powerful root access.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by Zsolt Madlen
I have an old database and I want to add values from it to the new db. I made 2 DbContext with new keyword but it still gives me null reference error.static void Main(string[] args){ var newdb = new NewDbContext(); var olddb = new OldDbContext(); foreach (var nm in...
by true_jeamy
I need to convert pptx to pdf. Sometimes the program can be convert successfully. But sometimes may throw an exception, Such as "Detected the file has a problem. To help protect your computer, this file cannot be opened."Code below: //open powerpoint document often...
by Aijaz444
Hello every one I am working on an web application using vs2015,MVC5 with E.F6 and LINQ query. When i have added 62,91,456 records in sql server database. When i Query through LINQ my application are performing very poor and slow taking too much time to load records. I have also added paging...
by basitsar
Hi,I want to add shortcut key for my grid. How to assign for new Alt+a.What is the ascii key for Alt+aThanksBasitWhat I have tried:I tried function key F1 as 112 ascii code.
by shivam gohel
here i am finding an element in the binary search tree. and i came upto these code.i am facing difficulty in understanding the recursion .my question is will how will the function return the values(here the address) to the main function .. will it return only once or may be multiple...

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by VijayRana  4.95/5 (22 votes)
In this article, we will see different ways through which we can recieve post data by view in controller.
by Florian Rappl  4.92/5 (20 votes)
This article describes the most important details of creating a useful bot using the Microsoft Bot Framework.
by Jovan Popovic  4.89/5 (15 votes)
In this article you can see how easily you can create REST services using ASP.NET Core Web API and new JSON support in Azure SQL database and SQL Server 2016
by koolprasad2003  4.95/5 (14 votes)
Convert Desktop Applications to Universal Windows Platform Apps -Project Centennial
by JosipK, Marko Kozlina  5.00/5 (14 votes)
C# and VB.NET console applications that demonstrate how to create and send an email reply with IMAP and SMTP protocols in .NET Framework

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