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4-Mar-14 1:21am by Shivprasad koirala (updated) 
Azure FAQ Part 1
8 hrs ago by Anthony Fountaine (new) 
The Open Dyno Real Time Controller
yesterday by gunjan k saxena (new) 
This tip will help to create an action filter to compress the contents like Json, partial view, etc.
2 days ago by Praba Prakash (new) 
Apache Hadoop for Big Data Analytics
2 days ago by Shuqian Ying (updated) 
Implementing a unified structured query system of service based relational data source with build-in intelligence.
2 days ago by sukeshchand (new) 
Speed up your SQL Stored Procedure by changing IF...ELSE Block and Loop's with SQL Queries
2 days ago by madagaga (new) 
Converting MSSQL database to MySQL
3 days ago by Kirill__ (updated) 
How to create databese with forst 3 normal forms of relationship
3 days ago by Mike_1989 (updated) 
The following code populates a mainmenu within VB.Net dynamically using recursion, until all items are added to the main menu
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Showcase Product Showcase

by Cisco
Cisco ® Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) integrates Citrix...
by Christopher Coey
An educator's look into Beacon Mountain.
by Dirk_Strauss
Securing Your .NET Applications – A Summary Review Of Visual Guard
by Kevin_Hulse
Use Atalasoft's DotPdf SDK to improve workflow processes with external...
by Red Gate Software
An interview with senior .NET Developer, Lyle Keeton on use of SQL...

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Fri 18 Apr 2014
The Heartbleed bug crushed our faith in the secure web, but a world without the encryption software that Heartbleed exploited would be even worse....
Fri 18 Apr 2014
I think that the quality of Code Project is going down.
Fri 18 Apr 2014
So: </div> is an invalid self-closing tag and is viewed as a new tag
Fri 18 Apr 2014
Astronomers have discovered what they say is the most Earth-like planet yet detected — a distant, rocky world that’s similar in size to our own...
Fri 18 Apr 2014
So, which code-base should I be reading about to improve myself?

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by vishal_h
I have string @col=1,2,3,4I have table where value of this key is store likecolA colB1 A 2 B3 CI want to create fnction which convert @col=1,2,3 to @col=A,B,C w.r.t its value in that table
by Member 10690757
AOA ... i am getting this error while inserting values into into Gl_Transaction values(001,001,0010010010006,'Furniture',103 ,'Opening Balance on 01-02-2013', '2013-02-01', 0000000026,' JV', 20000.00, 0.00 ,NULL, NULL, NULL ,12300)insert into...
by anglo0072
hello every one i need a validation that can only validate to character and white space.. no mater how much space and character in textboxi use this regex validation below. but it`s only allow one space between two words but don`t allow the third space for third word([A-Za-z])+( [A-Za-z]+)
by vksvpp
Hi, In button click i have to update values in 4 tables. so i write 4 queries in single stored procedure.when i execute the procedure first 2 queries are executed, but while in 3rd query db is fell down. so it(3rd & 4th) can't executed. At that time how to solve this problem? 1st...
by Member 10755410
I have a requirement to export all the data from gridview to excel file in web application.When i am exporting i am getting only the header text in the excel file. The row data from the grid is not getting exported. Can anyone tell how this can be done?

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by Anthony Fountaine  4.92/5 (6 votes)
The Open Dyno Configuration Manager
by Peter Leow  4.50/5 (3 votes)
Learn to setup a development environment on a PC to support the development and testing of PHP and MySQL projects.
by Praba Prakash  5.00/5 (3 votes)
Apache Hadoop for Big Data Analytics
by Petr Pechovic  4.78/5 (3 votes)
Creating simple Data Layer - boilerplate code (C#, ADO.NET)

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