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4-Apr-14 15:56pm by Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter (updated) 
Styling Your First Web Page
2hrs ago by zaiby (updated) 
An introduction to Inheritance and Types of inheritance: Single, Multiple, Multilevel, Hierarchical and Hybrid by using c# examples.
6hrs 15mins ago by Jim Roth (updated) 
Use PowerShell Post-build scripts to check in binaries to TFS for continuous integration during the build process.
6hrs 20mins ago by Konstantin A. Magg (new) 
Angular-translate is the number 1 module for providing localized texts in angular. This tip tries to give a short description of implemented async file loaders and a few recommendations, when to use them.
7hrs 20mins ago by Kuv Patel (updated) 
Decrypt Stored Procedures, Views, Functions, and Triggers in SQL Server
8hrs ago by Kashif-Sohail (new) 
This article will guide you to “How to populate and add new nodes to TreeView up-to N Levels from Database”. You will be able to add new node at any level and expand this up-to N Levels and generate automatic code for any child.
10hrs 15mins ago by Patrick P. Frey (new) 
This article shows the expandability of Strus with dynamically loadable modules written in C++.
10hrs 15mins ago by Duncan Edwards Jones (new) 
Event streams on Azure - serialisation of events
10hrs 15mins ago by Duncan Edwards Jones (new) 
How to wrap the business meaningful events in an event store with identity and context information, stored according to the backing technology
10hrs 15mins ago by Duncan Edwards Jones (new) 
How to extend the event streaming architecture using the concept of classifiers and instance groups to add business meaningful groups
11hrs 15mins ago by Member 12250004 (new) 
Should you upgrade to Angular 2?
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News Latest News

Wed 10 Feb 2016
Amazon has launched a new game engine named Lumberyard — and it's giving it away for free. The company says the software is capable of building...
Wed 10 Feb 2016
Create a Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) extension that helps developers create, test, deploy, etc. Java apps. Or, create a Java app using...
Wed 10 Feb 2016
Microsoft responds to customer feedback, tells us what goes in each update.
Wed 10 Feb 2016
The flaw could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code as the logged-in user.
Wed 10 Feb 2016
We have all used the Visual Studio Debugger to step through code, in the hunt for bugs. For C or C++ code, that Debugger relies upon a file, with...

Discussions Latest Discussions

by The_Immortal
Hi there!I need to save and restore desktop icons on Windows 8.1 x64. There is the solution but it actualy doesn't poperply work on my PC. Unfortunately I'm unable to determine what's the problem because the structure of the project is very complicated for me (the author uses xaml, deigates,...
by Member 12247780
I have an access Token which i've used to retrieve Twitter user_timeline data and it works fine. What I really need though is analytic data and I can't find an example of exactly what the Twitter Ads API is expecting in a request. I don't know if it expects "Bearer" in the Header, etc,... Any...
by Andre Dieme
Hello,I want a datagrid cell in WPF C# Framework 4.5 which includes a textbox but if the textbox got focus you should get a input control simular to a datepicker. But the input control should include three textboxes. If you changed them the datagrid cell should change also.For example the...
by Member 12317227
Hey all,I have been looking around for a while trying to find the answer for this but i've come up short each time. Basically what I have is a helpdesk app that I've built to quickly and easily unlock AD accounts and reset PW's as well as pull up information about a user. Currently I have...
by Gowtham Gururaj
I am using web form using master page, the problem is not redirecting the Google places in someone help me the correct code which works in child page and can you tell where i need to refer the script [ie In master page or child page ]What I have tried:<script...

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by Jakub Szymanowski  4.98/5 (53 votes)
The article presents idea and implementation of fundamental algorithms in image processing.
by Shemeer NS  4.67/5 (36 votes)
WCF - Exception Handling, Global Exception Handling, FaultExceptions and FaultContracts- Detailed explantion with Sample Codes.
by wells cheung  5.00/5 (31 votes)
Standalone Privilege Control, Single Sign-On Solution
by Shemeer NS  4.93/5 (15 votes)
Explaining Factory Pattern in C# using a Simple LoggerFactory.
by 9374170340  4.71/5 (14 votes)
Basics on Cryptography, SSL and Digital Signature

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