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26-May-14 13:29pm by Saad_Mahmood (new) 
Creating custom control for Windows Phone and Store Using Expressions Blend
46 mins ago by urigg123 (new) 
Describes how to design a lock like mechanism in a distributed solution to allow exclusive access or special role to on of the components
4 hrs ago by Nachiappan Kumarappan (new) 
This tip will help in understanding decorator design pattern. Snippets are provided in C#.
7 hrs ago by Mika Wendelius (updated) 
This article discusses some basic requirements for successful database operations such as error handling, use of parameters and transactions.
13 hrs ago by Shao Voon Wong (updated) 
How to draw a text with an outline
14 hrs ago by shijo joseph (new) 
A simple and fast CSV reader which you can directly use against Oracle and SQL Server databases or for any direct implementation.
15 hrs ago by Mr.PoorEnglish (new) 
what is "typed" on typed Dataset, and how to use it
15 hrs ago by Snesh Prajapati (new) 
Recently I was looking for WPF major versions and its progression so far. To my surprise there was no resource providing a compact look on WPF versions on internet. Then I put some efforts in this regard and came up with this article.
17 hrs ago by Uttam Kotdiya -India (new) 
This tip demonstrates how to use posix message for Inter Process Communication (IPC) in C#, Mono on Linux
17 hrs ago by Anuraj Parameswaran (new) 
Generic Repository in ASPNET5
21 hrs ago by saillesh_05 (new) 

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News Latest News

Fri 2 Oct 2015
ASP.NET 5, Coroutines in C++, Azure, Microsoft Band, and so much more.
Fri 2 Oct 2015
The Linux Foundation released a new report that claims that the code it stewards is worth more than $5 billion. With projects ranging from Linux...
Fri 2 Oct 2015
Whether it’s evolving agreements with Apple, Salesforce or Box or putting an end to senseless lawsuits, Microsoft is attempting to present an...
Fri 2 Oct 2015
In a recent AV-Test, which showed a number of antivirus providers performing worse than in past tests, Windows Defender was one of only two...
Fri 2 Oct 2015
GitHub developers will now be able to log in to the code repository using YubiKey hardware keys.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by RussGreen
I'm using RDLC reports in my .net app.Once of my reports pulls images out of a database and I display the images in image fields in a tablix. Currently I have the image control sizing set you FitProportional. It kind of works but what I really want to acheive is to not stretch small...
by Member 12031899
I am just learning C# and would like code to loop all pages in a Microsoft Word 2010 document and find if a string exists in the page header, body, and footer and print the results to a text file.Example: Find if a certain date is in the header, body, and footer of each page of the Microsoft...
22 mins ago by Member 12031899
Forum: C#
by Hari prakash R
OleDbConnection co = new OleDbConnection("provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;;Data Source=" + txtpathname.Text + " ;Extended Properties=Excel 8.0;"); co.Open(); OleDbDataAdapter da = new OleDbDataAdapter("select MobileNo,Degree from [FristSheet$] where...
28 mins ago by Paul Conrad
Forum: article "WEB API"

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by Sujit Bhujbal  4.98/5 (18 votes)
Angular js with ASP.NET MVC is more popular now days and for beginners, I will tell you what is angular js and show you a practical example of ASP.NET MVC for inserting, deleting and displaying data using angular js.
by Shenwei Liu  4.94/5 (17 votes)
Demonstration of a full-fledged application project focused on adding, updating, and deleting data on modal dialogs or inline tables using the AngularJS and Web API, plus advanced custom input validations and other features.
by Mike Barthold  5.00/5 (16 votes)
Easier than MemoryCache, less distraction.
by AJSON  4.81/5 (16 votes)
A solution to uploading large files in C# MVC
by David Catuhe  4.96/5 (13 votes)
I’ll demonstrate building a game from scratch using Web technologies and just two external libraries, and I’ll do it in less than one hour.

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