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21-Sep-14 6:21am by Alexei Shcherbakov (new) 
How to make almost universal NuGet 'System.Data.Sqlite' package for .NET and Mono
41 mins ago by Sheshnath Kumar (new) 
This article will find out a solution to serialize/deserialize object by reference at server and client, also will serialize/deserialize objects having circular references.
3hrs 10mins ago by Member 8505504 (new) 
File set,get,remove attributes in C#
3hrs 15mins ago by essentialSQL (new) 
When working with SQL dates, sometimes you need to calculate the end of the month.  Months are tricky!  Some are 28 days, others 30 or 31, and now and then there’s a leap year! So, given a date, how do you calculate the number of days remaining in the month? The calculation is really a […]The
4hrs ago by Hussain Patel (new) 
In this article I will show how to display an SSRS report in ASP.NET MVC application.For this demo I am using Visual Studio 2012, ASP.NET MVC 4 - Empty Template, an existing SSRS report deployed on SSRS Server and a nuGet package.
6hrs ago by Yang Kok Wah (updated) 
Playing your favorite video all at the same time
6hrs 10mins ago by B. Clay Shannon (updated) 
Using the EPPlus open source library, this article shows how to generate Open XML Files from any data table results by means of a Winforms utility
6hrs 10mins ago by Yang Kok Wah (updated) 
Implementing shape control that supports transparency, custom design-time editors and simple animation
11hrs 5mins ago by Ben Liebert (new) 
The MS Dynamics Web API has a lot of promise, allowing users to authenticate using OAuth2 then granting your application access to their CRM data.  Unfortunately, the documentation provided by Microsoft is misleading at best.
11hrs 10mins ago by Eric Z (Jing) (new) 
We recently ported a device firmware from a platform of very limited hardware resources(32K RAM, 4M NOR) to a more capable one(256M RAM, 256M NAND). The device supports dynamic plugging of different modules with analogy/digital I/O channels on them.
14hrs ago by Member 10165288 (new) 
Introduce a library
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Wed 31 Aug 2016
This RC gives an idea of what the full version of 2.0 will look like, and we’re looking for broader feedback to stabilize and make 2.0 a solid...
Wed 31 Aug 2016
"...I think the majority of engineering will not be done in a way where people understand the products of the creation. It'll be more like an act...
Wed 31 Aug 2016
Smartphones might be helping employees keep in touch with colleagues and do urgent tasks on the move, but using these devices at workplace...
Wed 31 Aug 2016
Lawyers get millions. Consumers get nothing. E-mail snooping continues unabated.
Wed 31 Aug 2016
The new attack uses Word documents loaded with malicious code

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by Member 11924118
Have a .net app that displays CSS Drop Down Menu fine in Visual Studio. When deployed to IIS and using IE7, IE11 the Drop down menu does not display correctly - the items display to Right of drop down so item cannot be "Picked"Using CHROME drop down displays works correctly. Our...
by Agarwal1984
Hello,How to run external exe from windows service in c# .net?I want to run external exe from windows service but its getting error regarding just-in-time compilation.I have tried this code in windows service.Please help me.Thanks in Advance.Ankit AgarwalSoftware...
by Jessca Stone
Hi, I'm making a IAP function in my game, however I'm having problems with my PowerUp function. You see I have a PowerUp button that appears, once I click on a my purchase button. The problem I'm facing with the PowerUp button is that I only want my PowerUp button to be available to however many...
47 mins ago by lino_76
Forum: JavaScript
by codeprojectddx
When I open a Xml file with VS2015,there are some menu items visible, but when I open a .cs file some other menu items are visible. How the vs complete it?What is the mechanism?What I have tried:as if the vs used a thread to manage the menu items,but I am not sure.

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by Rou1997  4.98/5 (29 votes)
Sending SMS Without Intent (Silently) & With Intent . . . Simply & Long (Multi-Part) Text Messages . . . Checking Sent SMS Status . . . Sending MMS With Intent . . .
by Rahul Narayan Patankar  3.15/5 (28 votes)
Integrating Angular-Js Grid with MVC + Web API Call using Angular Js + Pagination + Sorting
by Shamim Uddin  4.82/5 (18 votes)
How to enable cross origin request in ASP.NET Web API
by Ganesan Senthilvel  4.97/5 (13 votes)
An interesting article on Artificial Intelligence Chat Ro(Bot) Application development
by FredBienvenu  4.93/5 (10 votes)
Following my first article about X macros, I describe how to build a macro library to extend the enum functionalities in C.

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