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by Nick Polyak
describe how to use VS 2015 preview Roslyn base extension for simulating multiple inheritance in C# and provide usage examples
by John Underhill
Twofish 512, Serpent 512, Rijndael 512, the HX series, and Super-Ciphers
by Srinivasa Dinesh Parupalli
This tip consists of my exploration of the C# 6.0 new features.
by Sudhir Dutt Rawat
Explained the purpose and implementation of Dependency with a simple working example


by Adi_ on tip/trick "Factory Pattern Example in C# (tip...
by SledgeHammer01 on article "C#.NET: How to implement IEnumerable...
by SledgeHammer01 on article "C#.NET: How to implement IEnumerable...
by SledgeHammer01 on article "C#.NET: How to implement IEnumerable...
by SledgeHammer01 on article "C#.NET: How to implement IEnumerable...
1 Aug 2006
How to use .NET to call methods in a non-blocking mode.
5 Apr 2005
Don Clugston
1 alternative  
A comprehensive tutorial on member function pointers, and an implementation of delegates that generates only two ASM opcodes!
27 Sep 2003
Levent Saltuklaroglu
Controlling LEDs (Light Emiting Diodes) with Parallel Port
15 Feb 2008
Library to manipulate icons and icons libraries with support to create, load, save, import and export icons in ico, icl, dll, exe, cpl and src format. (Windows Vista icons supported).
31 Aug 2011
George Mamaladze
This class allows you to tap keyboard and mouse and/or to detect their activity even when an application runs in the background or does not have any user interface at all.
29 Nov 2012
Meysam Mahfouzi
This article shows you how to design events for your classes.
14 Jun 2011
Sacha Barber
100% Reflective Class Diagram Creation Tool
28 Sep 2003
Levent Saltuklaroglu
Controlling LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) and VFDs (Vacuum Fluorescent Displays) with Parallel Port
9 Jun 2013
Monjurul Habib
Today I will show some good practices I have learned during my professional years, those are lower level but very important for all levels.
9 Jul 2002
Andrew Peace
An article showing the use of pointers in C and C++
15 Apr 2002
Vishal Kochhar
An indepth discussion of how VC++ implements exception handling. Source code includes exception handling library for VC++.
17 May 2011
Sacha Barber
A look into using the Task Parallel Library.
3 Dec 2001
Chris Sells
An exploratory story of delegates and events for C# programmers told in the style of a bedtime story.
2 Apr 2010
Michael D Elliott
Demonstrates how to use C#.NET's XML source documentation to produce professional, indexed, and searchable source documentation.
28 Jun 2014
Tom Clement
A splash screen with some neat predictive progress bar features
6 May 2010
Abhijit Jana
Describes all debugging features like Breakpoints, DataTips, Watch Windows, Multithreaded Debugging, Parallel Program Debugging and IntelliTrace Debugging
17 Jun 2003
Aisha Ikram
Learn C# in less than an hour. Discover the C# language constructs and features in a brief yet comprehensive way using code examples. This article is especially good if you know C++ and feel lazy about learning C#!
3 Aug 2006
S. Senthil Kumar
Why and when to use Control.BeginInvoke()?
7 Jan 2008
Rahman Mahmoodi
Abstract class versus Interface: Usage and Implementation.
10 Jun 2002
Pavel Zolnikov
This tool extends explorer with functionality of a command prompt. Implemented as a band object completely in C#. Demonstrates COM Interop and P/Invoke, windows hooking and API interception. Finally you can run all these .Net SDK tools and ‘Hello World!’ programs without leaving explorer shell.
10 May 2007
Chetan Kudalkar
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A tutorial on interfaces in C#
20 Feb 2005
Alvaro Mendez
A class library for reading/writing XML files, config files, INI files, or the Registry using one simple interface.
26 Oct 2007
Jeffrey Schaefer
This article presents event implementation fundamentals, best practices, and conventions.
17 Dec 2007
Dennis Austin
A revision of a Task Scheduler class library by David Hall
15 Mar 2012
Marc Clifton
A description of the new language features starting from C# 2.0, going through to version 4.0
25 Apr 2009
Daniel Grunwald
Different approaches to weak events
23 Sep 2003
Ben Bryant
Link CMarkup into your VC++ app and avoid complex XML tools and dependencies
22 Aug 2006
Danilo Corallo
Extend a PropertyGrid with an Item collection; easy customization of properties with custom editor, custom converter and databinding.
19 Apr 2012
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Many Windows C++ programmers get confused over what bizarre data type identifiers like TCHAR and LPCTSTR are. Here, in brief, I will try to clear out the fog.
3 Feb 2003
Sreenivas Vemulapalli
Explains about PropertyGrid and how to use, with detailed examples
29 Nov 2014
Akhil Mittal
This article will cover almost every OOP concept that a novice/beginner developer hunt for, and not only beginners, the article’s purpose is to be helpful to experience professionals also who need to sometimes brush-up their concepts or who prepare for interviews.
21 Mar 2012
Sergey Arhipenko
A reusable library that can equip any action in your application with the undo/redo feature.
26 Apr 2013
Sebastien LEBRETON
Reflexil is an assembly editor and runs as a plug-in for Reflector or JustDecompile. Reflexil is able to manipulate IL code and save the modified assemblies to disk. Reflexil also supports "on-the-fly" C#/VB.NET code injection.
27 Jan 2014
Shivprasad koirala
In this article we will try to understand SOLID Architecture principles using simple C# examples.
29 Jan 2013
Florian Rappl
An introduction to lambda expressions as well as an advanced discussion on how and where to use them. This article will also show known and introduce new design patterns that might be helpful.
19 Dec 2009
Josh Fischer
An explanation of the different ways to create delegates through a guided example that starts with .NET 1.1.
24 Jan 2003
Smitha Vijayan
An article on how to develop an MDI application using C# and the .NET Framework.
23 Nov 2007
How to send large files across web services in small chunks using MTOM (WSE 3)
23 Jul 2013
Mohammad A Rahman
Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is a Microsoft .NET Framework component that works as a communicator between the objects and the data. This article partially taken from the "Expert C# 5.0" - book and it will explore the different extension methods used in the LINQ using C# and IL code to discuss..
14 Mar 2007
J. Dunlap
Introduces C# 3’s lambda expressions and expression trees in an easy-to-understand way, and describes their benefits and uses. Also touches on anonymous delegates.
11 Jan 2003
Kristen Wegner
Discussion of techniques for fast, robust, light-weight XML parsing.
6 Aug 2014
Oleg Shilo
An article on a "scripting engine" for the C# language
22 Jan 2007
Danilo Corallo
Apply a theme that resembles Visual Studio 2005 to the DockPanel Suite, using an Extender class.
12 Aug 2010
Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
Develop your own operating system using C# (or VB.NET, etc.) and Visual Studio!
8 May 2002
PJ Arends
This article gives a brief overview of C style bitwise operators
24 Sep 2002
sadaf alvi
In this tutorial we will see how we can create and attach attributes to various program entities, and how we can retrieve attribute information in a run-time environment.
2 Nov 2010
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Elaborating new C++ language features with a clear, sharp, and detailed discussion.
21 May 2012
Tim Corey
Learn how to go from being an absolute beginner in the Managed Extensibility Framework to being an advanced user.

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