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by Abhijit Jana
How to track an object which is Out of Scope while Debugging?
by Code Artist
Introduction Original AGauge controlAGauge is a gauge control for WinForms create by A.J.Bauer using GDI+.Original code was published in "Code Project - A fast and performing gauge"The version that I published here is an improved version of AGauge which contains the following changes.Download Source
by Gordon W Beeming
Paste special feature in Visual Studio 2012
by Sacha Barber
Today we had a requirement to do some pretty strange stuff in SQL which required us to call an encryption library in SQL server. This is something I had not done before, so I thought I would blog about it.There are several steps involved.1. Create the CLR Dll for the SQL function to use, and [...]

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by Rion Williams
Resharper is great. I believe that most developers that use it within the .NET environment can attest to its many merits and how it can make your life easier and you more productive. However, I recently noticed a minor power struggle occurring within Visual Studio and Resharper over Intellisense and
by Rion Williams
Any experienced developer at one time or another has encountered issues when merging their code and has been met with that nasty (typically red) conflict icon. A new product from Plastic SCM called Semantic Merge is hoping to get red of that little red guy once and for all by using a merge that actu
by Sebastian Solnica
I really like the NLog library and I use it pretty often in my projects. Some time ago I wrote a post in which I showed you my preferred debug and production configuration. Other day I presented you a simple…Read more ›
by Rion Williams
Regularly express yourself using RegExpBuilder


by John Atten on technical blog "Regular Express Yourself using...
by rapser on technical blog "CRUD Operations using WCF...
by Bhargav Kaneria on technical blog "How to find the largest of 3...
by George Swan on technical blog "How to find the largest of 3...
by Richard Ellicott on Article "Password Encryption using MD5 Hash...

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