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by Alphons van der Heijden
A full implementation of a reusable DNS resolver component and a Dig.Net example application.
by Higty
This article describes the mail sending process using the SMTP mail protocol.
by PJ Naughter
A collection of freeware MFC classes to encapsulate the SNTP protocol.
by Igor Ladnik
Wrapper to facilitate usage of TCP sockets.

Latest Articles

by Sacha Barber
What Is ZeroMQ ZeroMq is a C library that contains a bunch of insane sockets, that provide a very very cool abstraction over the typical socket code you would find yourself writing. It provides building blocks by way of a standard set of sockets that have been built with certain scenarios in mind. T
by Sacha Barber
Last time we looked at the different socket types within ZeroMq, and I also told you their equivalent in NetMq (which is what I use for these posts). This time we will look at 3 small areas of ZeroMq, which are none the less very important areas, and should not be overlooked. These areas are [&#8230
by lucasontivero
A class library for port forwarding in NAT devices that support Universal Plug and Play (UPNP) and/or Port Mapping Protocol (PMP)
by Edison Heng
Networking and Socket programming tutorial in C.


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