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Internet / Network

Great Reads

by Higty
This article describes the mail sending process using the SMTP mail protocol.
by PJ Naughter
A collection of freeware MFC classes to encapsulate the SNTP protocol.
by Igor Ladnik
Wrapper to facilitate usage of TCP sockets.
by Frank Mayer-Potschak
This article describes how to create a small Jabber Chat client.

Latest Articles

by akramKamal
Full C# code to download videos from YouTube in any quality.
by Mehdi Gholam
A binary JSON serializer based on fastJSON (support for MonoDroid)
by syed shanu
Open protocol using C# socket programming for NutRunner.
by Woong Gyu La
How to create a server-client network quickly using template server-client framework, EpServerEngine (C++ and Windows Winsock).


by David Jeske on Article "Simple HTTP Server in C#"
by Southmountain on article "UniversalSerializer"
by hiteshtarkar on Retreiving a list of network computer names...
by hiteshtarkar on Article "Finding Computer name using C#"
by Johann Krenn on tip/trick "YouTube Downloader using C# .NET"

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