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by Chester Ragel
Finding MCMS user by role.
by ambatisreedhar
An article on how to install Drupal in a step by step manner
by Max R McCarty
Breach-Apocalypse In 2013 over 34 million Americans reported some form of identity theft.  Three quarters through 2014 there is already a reported 568 data breaches with over 75 million records compromised and hundreds of millions of users affected.  This is up from the 439 breaches in 2013.  Identi
by rusanu
In this article I will go over an alternative approach that relies on the FILESTREAM column types introduced in SQL Server 2008.

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by essentialSQL
Joins and subqueries are both be used to query data from different tables and may even share the same query plan, but there are many differences between them.  Knowing the differences and when to use either a join or subquery to search data from one or more tables is key to mastering SQL. All the ex
by essentialSQL
The built in SQL String functions make it possible for you to find and alter text values, such as VARCHAR and CHAR datatypes, in SQLServer.  Using these functions you can alter a text value such as changing “Smith, Joe” to “Joe Smith.” If you not familiar with SQL functions, then I would recommend s
by essentialSQL
SQL server uses data types to store a specific kind of value such as numbers, dates, or text in table columns and to use in functions, such as mathematical expressions. One issue with data types is that they don’t usually mix well.  Conversion functions make them mix better! Though there are time wh
by essentialSQL
Both Joins and UNIONS can be used to combine data from two or more tables.  Read this article to find out each command’s strengths and when to use them. To get the most of this and our other lessons be sure to practice using the examples! All the examples for this lesson are based on […]The po

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