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by Chester Ragel
Finding MCMS user by role.
by ambatisreedhar
An article on how to install Drupal in a step by step manner
by Max R McCarty
Breach-Apocalypse In 2013 over 34 million Americans reported some form of identity theft.  Three quarters through 2014 there is already a reported 568 data breaches with over 75 million records compromised and hundreds of millions of users affected.  This is up from the 439 breaches in 2013.  Identi
by gmtzgtz
Import Data from a Text or CSV file into SQL Server

Latest Articles

by Sean Hart
Starting with Team Foundation System 2010, the engine running build definitions went through an overhaul. Gone away is the MSBuild-based build script. Here to stay (presumably) is a WF/XAML-backed definition. When I first encountered this change, my reaction was an irrational one. I had put a lot of
by essentialSQL
Learn to use Union, Intersect, and Except Clauses The UNION, INTERSECT, and EXCEPT clauses are used to combine or exclude like rows from two or more tables.  They are useful when you need to combine the results from separate queries into one single result.  They differ from a join in that entire row
by essentialSQL
Sort Alphanumeric Values with SQL Server
by Manas Bhardwaj
This post How to Set Check-in Policies for all Projects in Team Foundation Server using PowerShell? written by Manas Bhardwaj appeared first on Manas Bhardwaj's Stream.The Team Foundation Server 2013 provides the administrators with opportunity to add check-in policies to the Source Control Settings

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