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The Windows 8 Design

Great Reads

by Meshack Musundi
A Metro tile puzzle game
by Chris Maunder, Pete O'Hanlon
The Fake Project - The first two days of a Code Project redesign.
by Timmy Kokke
60 design templates for Windows Store apps.
by Colin Eberhardt
This blog post looks at the new concept of ‘transitions’ that WinRT, within Windows 8, introduces. This concept makes it very easy for you to create a fluid and interactive UI without going anywhere near storyboards! I have to admit it, I am a big fan of the Metro Design Language; the cl

Latest Articles

by Neelesh Vishwakarma
Introduction to objects and classes in JavaScript
by meghana-rao
In this article, we highlight some of the key changes that you can expect to see in the Intel RealSense SDK.
by Maxim_Shevtsov
This article is an overview of the OpenCL support provided in System Analyzer and Platform Analyzer on the Windows* OS
by Doraisamy Ganeshkumar
In this article, we focus on the importance of developing games for 2 in 1 form factors and improved user interface experience


by V.N.Sudheer Kumar on tip/trick "Metro Paint"
by Amanda Castaneda on technical blog "50 Design Templates for...
by Nitij on tip/trick "Classes in JavaScript"
by Vanlalruata_Hnamte on article "Redesigning CodeProject"
by effayqueue on tip/trick "Classes in JavaScript"

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