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NoSQL - Alternatives to traditional relational databases

Great Reads

by Vyacheslav Voronenko
This article demonstrates three approaches for storing tree like structures with NoSQL databases on example of the MongoDB.
by Bruce Yang cp
A distributed system architecture, machines placed around the world, with low maintenance charges in your private cloud.
by Suffyan Asad
This article shows how to implement Joins during Reduce phase and Map phase in Hadoop Map-Reduce applications.
by Enrique Albert
Unit of Work and Repository RavenDB implementation example

Latest Articles

by Marc Clifton
Semantic databases are the up-and-coming thing. Here's the beginnings of an implementation using MongoDB as the supporting database back-end.
by Marc Clifton
A deep dive into the $lookup aggregator with examples of one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, and nested relational "queries"
by Mehdi Gholam
NoSql, JSON based, Document store database with compiled .net map functions and automatic hybrid bitmap indexing and LINQ query filters (now with standalone Server mode, Backup and Active Restore, Transactions, Server side queries, MonoDroid support, HQ-Branch Replication, working in Linux)
by Najeeb Shaikh
Unlike SQL databases, Redis does not support querying by columns natively, which means that you have to maintain your own indexes. As it turns out, Redis provides a rich set of data types to the programmer to ease this task.

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