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Reviews on Third Party Products and Tools

This section contains reviews on third party products and is broken into two sections: Reviews provided by the community and Reviews provided by professional reviewers.

For reviews provided by the community the rules are:

  1. No paid reviews in the Free Reviews section
  2. You must provide an unbiased review of a product or service.
  3. You must not post advertisements for the product, implicit or explicit. Basic information on pricing is permitted.
  4. We reserve the right to replace any links to the product with search-engine unfriendly links. Articles must not be used to promote a product in any form, including SEO.
  5. Articles must be tagged "third-party"
  6. Articles must not be written by anyone associated with the company that writes the product. Self promotion is not allowed.

Great Reads

by Chris Maunder
Testing Multiple browsers on Multiple Platforms on Multiple Devices. In the same Window.
by Paulo Zemek
A discussion about what is asynchronous execution, how it relates to threads and a brief analysis of its good and bad points.
by James Newton-King
In this post I will look at DevExtreme, a cross-platform HTML JS framework for Visual Studio, and in particular DevExtreme’s rich JavaScript charting widgets.
by Bruno Terkaly
This post will cover the whole spectrum of downloading data from a government site, loading it into an on premise SQL Server database, migrating this on premise SQL Server database to SQL database in Windows Azure.

Latest Articles

by Bartlomiej Filipek
PDB Was Not Found - Linker Warning
by Jasminder Singh
I have been trying to learn these concepts from a long time. Read many good articles, their definitions, but could not make much out of them. Finally, I decided to write my understanding that I have got from these resources. So in this article, I will share my learning about what are O.W.I.N. and Ka
by Alvin Ashcraft
Hot on the heels of my last review for DevExpress Universal 2014.2, I will next dive into my recent experiences with DevExpress TestCafe.
by Chris_Riley
Klocwork is kind of like my code spell check, or professional editor. It just makes me sound good. And if I were part of a larger dev team it would be quite a powerful management tool.


by Dewey on technical blog "My understanding of OWIN & Katana"
by Jake Drew on technical blog "Getting Only The Text...
by kvein_xie on article "Product Evaluation: Aspose.Words"
by neTp9c on Article "Understanding Routing"
by ali_crash on technical blog "Getting Only The Text...

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