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Windows Communication Foundation

Great Reads

by Roman Kiss
This article describes a design, implementation and usage of the Custom Routing Manager for managing messages via Routing Service built-in .Net 4 Technology.
by Mosfiqur Rahman
An article on using external configuration file at WCF client
by Cameron Hanchey
When using callbacks with transient subscribers, you must leave the channel open. This is how to manage and use service throttling to open up your service to more than 10 subscribers.
by Mike_Liu
Write a duplex WCF service to broadcast events to all connected clients, so all connected clients can get real time notifications whenever an event occurs on any of the clients.

Latest Articles

by john_1726
MVVM Silverlight Application with Entity Framework and WCF Service
by Alexander Golde
In this blog I will demonstrate the use of the windows event log Plugin for ANKHOR with three simple visualizations. The Plugin is installed using the “Start/New/Install Libraries” command from the ribbon bar. It comes with an interface library “PluginWindowsEventLog.flsx” which has two major e
by MatthewThomas
How to use MSMQ to queue work items for a windows service to execute, and then use WCF Net Named Pipe to report progress to a WPF application
by Valentino_Lokesh
This tip explains how to POST different kinds of data (string, XML, JSON or bytes) to a Single WCF REST Operation.


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by john_1726 on article "MVVM Silverlight Application with...
by john_1726 on article "MVVM Silverlight Application with...
by Gyozo Kudor on Article "WCF Concurrency (Single, Multiple and...

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