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by Rui Jarimba
Serialize/deserialize your objects using generics. Customize settings like indentation, encoding, namespaces and others.
by Simon Sprott
This article gives a basic overview of the building blocks underlying XML Schemas.
by Marco Merola
Creating PDF documents from XML
by Joshi, Rushikesh
This is an alternative for "Generate Sample XML from XSD".

Latest Articles

by Keyhole Software
The XML document format, created in 1996, is still widely used to facilitate communication between disparate systems (though for certain implementations is somewhat being replaced by JSON). As a Java developer, I generally interface with data in an XML document via a DOM parser, but there are occasi
by Rion Williams
Configuration files within ASP.NET applications can often seem a bit convoluted. Sections strewn all over the place, settings with nothing but strings everywhere and last but certainly not least, it’s all in XML. While this can be just fine for most scenarios, some developers may want or need
by RemcoReitsma
This tip shows how you can add an XSD schema in Visual Studio to enable XML intellisense.
by Ifat Chitin Morrison
This tip shows the differences in XML serialization when a serializable class has a combination of [XmlElement] and [XmlText].

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