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Application design and architecture related articles

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by Marc Clifton
Build a Metadata Designer for the CX Dynamic Composition Framework.
by Ahmed Negm
This article introduces how to create and manage .NET enterprise applications using your favorite technology (Data Access Application Block, LINQ, NHibernate, ASMX, and WCF) with the Model Driven Development approach by Sculpture.
by SBJ
A Model-View-Controller Framework that integrates with the MFC Doc/View architecture
by Victor Nakoryakov
This article covers a selection of best practices related to the internals of the project “sandbox”. The sandbox is understood as a folder with a complete structure containing the source files of a specific product.

Latest Articles

by Paulo Zemek
In this post I present how the same application can be created if it is done without any architecture, with an architecture completely bound to a technology and its limitations and with an architecture that I consider to be "unbound" from technologies and their limitations.
by Gerd Wagner
This is an alternative for "Understanding Association, Aggregation, and Composition", correcting three flaws, one in each of the three explanations, contained in the original article.
by Gerd Wagner
In summary, the answer to this question is: because unlike the general concept of an object type or class, the general concept of an association, as defined by UML, does not have a direct computational counterpart, neither in common object-oriented (OO) programming languages, nor in SQL.
by jgauffin
This post aims to explain why the Repository Pattern can still be a great choice.


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