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Audio and Video

Great Reads

by Christian Graus, Benjamin Liedblad
A wrapper to allow remote capture of images with Canon cameras in C#
by Maxim Kartavenkov
Article describes how to make H.264 Video Encoder DirectShow Filter using NVIDIA encoder API in C#
by Koushik Biswas
How to setup Darwin Streaming Server 6.0.3 on 32 or 64 bit Linux platforms, add custom functionality by developing plugins ("modules" as Apple calls them), and results of some performance and load tests I ran
by almere109
DirectX.Capture class examples showing how to grab a frame from video and how to make a VU meter for audio

Latest Articles

Optical Flow or Motion Estimation Using the Watson-Ahumada (WA) Algorithm
by The Operator
Write a program to make your computer talk for you.
by Akos Mattiassich
A C++/CLI wrapper around MMAudioDeviceApi with notification support.
by Edgar Maass
The goal of this article is to extract a point cloud using the Microsoft Kinect v2 sensor, visualize it using the VTK toolkit, save it for printing or further work (e.g. using Meshlab)


by haji110 on Audio DSP with C#
by Denis Špelič on A Simple C# Wrapper for the AviFile Library
by ravicoolkumar on Article "nVLC"
by springy76 on Article "nVLC"
by aj_scorpio on Converting Wav file to MP3 or other format...

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