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Book Reviews

This Book Review chapter is for readers to post their reviews of software development related books. Reviews are intended to provide you with information on books that others consider useful and of value to developers.

Great Reads

by DaveAuld
A quick book review of what could be one of the "Best Haynes Manual Ever"
by Marc Clifton
A Review of "Object Oriented Engineering Patterns"
by Simon Jackson
Syncfusion’s "Succinctly" series, one of the largest free (and still growing) set of technical books covering everything from languages, to source control systems and beyond.
by Simon Jackson
HLSL Development Cookbook Review

Latest Articles

by Simon Jackson
I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  As I’m nearing the journey of my marathon book writing spree. I’m taking a little time out to read a few other books on Packt’s library, this time in one of my favourite areas, AI. Unity AI Programming Essentials …
by Cindy Potvin
Book review: Soft Skills by John Sonmez
by Sampath Lokuge
Book Review : AngularJS Web Application Development Blueprints
by Simon Jackson
This title from the onset aims to give you the tools and means to create your own games with unity with a few well-built examples, where this title differs from others is that it has limited this to just a couple and goes through them in great detail.


by Simon Jackson on technical blog "Syncfusion’s “Succinctly”...
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by networldsystems on technical blog "Syncfusion’s “Succinctly”...
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