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Bugs and Workarounds

Great Reads

by Simon P Stevens
How to set the current directory correctly when running batch scripts as administrator
by Stephane Rodriguez.
Provides a fix to catch otherwise hidden events of MS Internet Explorer
by Andrey Permamedov
Why an exception raised in timer callback function doesn't leads to process termination.
by Albert Holguin
This is a quick overview of the Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder utility.

Latest Articles

by OwenDavies
How to tidy up TFS Workspaces on the server
by Artur Zgadzaj
Batch run as Administrator - automatic increase administrative privileges in Batch scripts like BAT and CMD - universal tools Batch_Admin
by David A. Gray
This article documents issues that I have identified in the new secure overloads of the CRT buffered print routines.
by vikramsagar
Fixing third party DLL dependent unit tests with Xcopy


by Member 12098045 on Article "Zeta Long Paths"
by dwmyersjr on tip/trick "Pin a Shortcut onto the Taskbar or...
by David A. Gray on article "sprintf_s: Speed Bumps Ahead"
by Mauro Leggieri on article "sprintf_s: Speed Bumps Ahead"
by David A. Gray on article "sprintf_s: Speed Bumps Ahead"

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