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Code Generation articles

This section contains articles on automated Code Generation. Please be aware that we do not accept articles on commericial third party tools.

Great Reads

by Nicolas Dorier
Stop wasting time on a stupid typo in binding paths.
by Nicolas Dorier
Enhance Visual Studio and your build process in just two clicks. This tool does its best to be out of your way, while improving your development experience seemlessly.
by Olivier Giulieri
A generic Web User Interface for CRUD applications generating all screens at run-time based on external metadata. It comes with sample applications for address book, memo pad, to do list, restaurants list, wine cellar, and database structure documentation that are easily customizable.
by Pablo Fernandez Duran
This article will show you how to generate a JSON base web service layer from an existing database using CodeFluent Entities. We will also generate a web client back office following an “Import wizard”.

Latest Articles

by Luïs94
How can you make snippets on a simple and easy way.
by FantasticFiasco
An article showing you how simple it is to create a NuGet package that initializes your newly created Visual Studio project with all the configuration needed.
by MaSinger
A maven plugin that allows your code to write itself - In this case: inject logging calls
by Girish J Jain
Download source code - Advanced Tracing with Code Injection Part (171 kb)OverviewWelcome to part II of this blog post series where I show you how to inject code into an assembly to trace method execution at runtime, along with its parameter values and, all of this being achieved without writi


by Luïs94 on tip/trick "Snippets for Visual Studio"
by Member 10410076 on tip/trick "Snippets for Visual Studio"
by Member 11958929 on article "Really simple C++ code generation in...
by Member 12316070 on Article "XSL Code Generator"
by Armağan Celik on Article "Tier generator 1.0"

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