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Custom Controls

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by Ned Thompson
This article will demo how a free Flyout can help to save space on your webpage.
by Steve Marsh
A fully customizable 16 segment display using the HTML5 canvas
by Dharmesh Kemkar
Creating AJAX and non-AJAX based data-grids with sorting/paging.
by _ Kunal Chowdhury _
I am working on Silverlight since 3 years ago and during the initial period I had a fear of creating Custom controls. I was more confident of creating UserControls, but when I started working on custom controls, I came to know the power of custom controls. Currently, I see the same fear in others...

Latest Articles

by Nikola Breznjak
A simple example of how to make a custom YES/NO dialog with DialogResult in WPF. Freely (as in beer) available code is on Github: The breakdown is that you make a new window (MsgBoxYesNo) and assign DialogResult on the button clicks. You call this w
by adriancs
Simple, modern & fast web-based email client.
by vijay venkatesh prasad N
Reusable tool for implementing Grid
by Ruhollah Heidarpour
Just another ASP.NET Persian(Jalali/Shamsi/Solar) / Gregorian Datepicker


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