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Date and Time

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by Luc Pattyn
The code snippet below returns the first Thursday of a given year without iterating anything.DateTime FirstThursday(int year) { DateTime dt=new DateTime(year, 1, 1); return dt.AddDays((11-(int)dt.DayOfWeek)%7);}The formula used may seem a bit bizarre, it computes the distance...
by John Atten
John on Google CodeProjectLet’s face it. Managing date information within the .net framework (or any framework, really . . . Java is not much better) is a pain the the ass. Really. What makes it even worse is managing user data entry of date information. If that isn’t bad enough, there i
by Tomer Shamam
Blendability Part I – Design time ViewModel
by Tomer Shamam
Blendability Part II – Design time support for Prism

Latest Articles

by pwasser
A robust approach to decoding CIM_DATETIME for C++ programmers.
by Jani Giannoudis
Extensive time period calculations and individual calendar periods.
by abin jaik
SharePointers, Recently I came across an interesting issue/requirement with our Business Data List WebPart. The issue is “Data fetched from an External datasource via  BCS (External Content Type) need to be displayed on OOB Business DataList Webpart with proper formatting and  sorting”.
by Tomer Weinberg
A piece of code you can copy paste to transform TimeSpan into user readable UI text

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