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Debug Tips

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by Abhijit Jana
This article describes how to use Pin/Unpin of Object/Variable Data Tip during debugging In Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2
by Lakamraju Raghuram
Expanding a macro in VC++
by Tim Stevens
An updated version of the code in David A Jones' article "Memory Leak Detection"
by baruchl
How to setup .NET symbol server and enable production debugging without source code

Latest Articles

by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This blog post focuses on debugging concept. It is meant for novice people who want to learn what is debugging and how to debug an application.
by |\/|ax
This tip will help create Provider Performance Counters v 2.0 in NET. Framework
by madan535
In this we will discuss about how can we increase the performance of website that using ASP.NET MVC. 1.   Remove Unused view engines protected void Application_Start() { ViewEngines.Engines.Clear(); ViewEngines.Engines.Add(new RazorViewEngine()); } 2. Deploying Production Code in Release Mode Make s
by BC3Tech
While playing around with NuGet as much as I have been, I noticed something in the ‘nuget pack’ command that I thought was pretty interesting. A ‘-symbols’ flag. “What’s this do?” I thought. So, naturally, I gave it a shot. What NuGet spat out for me was a .

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by Member 11201558 on Advanced Logging for all kind of applications

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