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by Stephane Rodriguez
An overview of three methods on how to perform multimedia streaming.
by Dan Peverill
A managed DirectX class library that can be used as a foundation for basic 2D games. Demo included.
by Greg Rezansoff
This brief article describes how to use managed Direct3D to render texture bitmaps with alpha channels and transparency key colours onto vertices in C# with the aid of a MatrixStack.
by hector [.j.] rivas
Part II of the step by step MFC + D3D tutorial, with a custom Direct3D framework.

Latest Articles

by John Hilton
See why your GPU is getting so hot.
by sameh obada
Extensible, hardware accelerated image processing library written in HLSL and C#.
by arussell
Box2D DebugDraw Implemented using DirectX 2D and win32
by Asif Bahrainwala
FFT using DX11 compute shader


by Member 11020981 on Capture Live Video from various Video Devices.
by emma ashly on RaceX - A 2D racing game using DirectDraw
by Member 11015798 on DirectX.Capture Class Library
by Member 4767486 on Article "Programming Direct2D – Part 1"
by low-tekk on Article "Very fast screen capture using...

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