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by hayes.adrian
If a TextBox is wide enough to show all text, this method ensures it is visible after a resize.
by Deepak_Sharma_
This article will show how to create an auto-suggest TextBox that will suggest data from a SQL Server database column.
by Mahfuzur Rahman.
Column based selection in rich edit control.
by Adam Zgagacz
User control for editing numbers writtem using different numeral base.

Latest Articles

by Jan Martin H.
This is how to create a simple numbers only Textbox that will always work
by B. Clay Shannon
Add a bit of code to a form to make all ReadOnly TextBoxes non-tabbable
by Robert Gustafson
I've created an enhanced version of the Extended RichTextBox created by Razi Syed.
by code.manoz
Inline grid CRUD in ASP.NET MVC


by Gary Wheeler on Painless streaming of rich text to/from...
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by firda-cze on Article "Fast Colored TextBox"
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