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by Joseph M. Newcomer
How do you capture the bitmap of a window? This little download shows how, and places the bitmap on the clipboard.
by Nish Sivakumar
An ExifReader class in C# that supports custom formatting and extraction. StyleCop compliant code, with demos for WPF and Windows Forms.
by pmpdesign
A lightweight C# library to add images and 'round rectangles' to a PDF on the fly and then securely embed the PDF in a web page
by Phat (Phillip) H. VU
Some simple examples of how to apply affine transformations in computer graphics.

Latest Articles

by Flaviu2
A small guide to use VTK in MFC
by Darryl Bryk
Code is described for a multi-document interface (MDI) image processing application utilizing the CImage class in C++
by Johannes Bildstein
A tutorial about the Canon SDK to remotly control DSLR cameras. From taking photos to using the LiveView.
by cjb110
A String To Brush Converter for WPF/Silverlight


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