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by Prasad Khandekar
A dropline menubar control tag library for JSP.
by Mark H Bishop
This article presents a Java example application that performs discrete wavelet transforms.
by Dr. Song Li
This is a study note on setting up Eclipse IDE for Java development.
by Mohd Akram
Java Tic Tac Toe ( AI based )

Latest Articles

by saddam abu ghaida
IP/Subnet Calculator Lib
by Mohamed Taman
Cleaner, readable, and powerful coding with lambda expressions.....In this article of the “Java SE 8 new features tour” series, we will deep dig into explanation, and exploring the code, on how to traverse the collections using lambda expression and with method references, filtering them with predic
by Dr. Song Li
This document presents two Maven example projects for mocking final and static methods using PowerMockito for Java unit testing.
by Gerd Wagner
In standard OO, as defined by UML, and instantiated by Java, there is a certain concept of object. What's the difference between this classical concept of objects and a JavaScript object?JavaScript objects are different from classical OO/UML objects. In particular, they need not instantiate a class.

Research Library

It's a legacy model from the static publishing era, and just doesn't...
This whitepaper provides tips for developers on how to enable scanning...
Are you launching your website soon? No need to panic. Yes, tens of...


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