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General Programming Libraries

Great Reads

by Florian Rappl
Bringing the DOM to C# with a HTML5/CSS3 parser written in C#.
by Sunasara Imdadhusen
MVC Logging series
by Achilleas Margaritis
Description of the library AGM::LibReflection.
by Leslie Zhai
Open source windowless presentation manager library with DirectX 3D anmiation

Latest Articles

by Mohammad Dayyan
A C# library to use PersianCalendar as easy as DateTime
by Suvabrata Roy
Here is a help on NxBRE (Rule Engine) for basic business rules
by Paul M Watt
This is an entry for the continuing series of blog entries that documents the design and implementation process of a library. This library is called, Network Alchemy[^]. Alchemy performs data serialization and it is written in C++.I have written about many of the concepts that are required to implem
by Octavio Loyola-González, Miguel Angel Medina Pérez, Andres Eduardo Gutierrez Rodriguez, Milton García Borroto
In this article, we introduce a framework in C# for fingerprint verification, we briefly explain how to perform fingerprint verification experiments and how to integrate your algorithms to the framework.


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