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Language Integrated Query

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by MarkLTX
When using LINQ to SQL, it can be very useful to see the SQL commands that are generated by your LINQ expressions. Sometimes the results are surprising and you might be able to improve performance by tweaking the LINQ.All you have to do is set the Log property of the DataContext object. ...
by Dmitri Raiko
Rewriting query expressions is a simple and yet safe and powerful technique to modify queries dynamically at runtime.
by andy404
This article introduces PFX for the .NET Framework and discusses PLINQ.
by dasblinkenlight
Converting between types in .NET.

Latest Articles

by Don Kackman
Extension methods for variance, standard deviation, range, median, mode and some other basic descriptive statistics.
by Matthew Edmondson
When LINQ appeared on our screens it brought along a requirement under the guise of 'Func' whenever you wanted to do anything substantial, such as supply the contents of a where clause:What exactly is Func? What are we actually being asked for here?  This is a journey that begins with delegates.Firs
by Alex Turok
In a recent episode of the Code Speak Loop podcast I mentioned two Clojure projects: Liberator, designed to build REST services, and Korma, allowing to talk to relational databases easily. I’ve been working with these libraries lately and it turns out they play quite nice together.
by George Jonsson
LINQ methods can be slow inside loops as this little demo shows.


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