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Language Integrated Query

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by andy404
This article introduces PFX for the .NET Framework and discusses PLINQ.
by Todd Sprang
This article explains how to create a general-purpose data-access library for creating dynamic queries using LINQ-to-Entities.
by dasblinkenlight
Converting between types in .NET.
by Srinivasu Pemma
This tip provides an easy way of dealing with different types of data sources for LINQ Group By taken from my blog

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by emiaj
Probably most of you are aware of LINQ and also have done some kind of work using LINQ to SQL which is the ORM product from Microsoft for its .Net platform (don't forget about LINQ to Entities, which is the Enterprise version of LINQ to SQL). Well, let me tell you, if you don't already know, that e
by emiaj
Introduction This is my so long waited demo project showcasing the use of Fluent NHibernate and Linq to NHibernate (and some other interesting bits). First of all, I you are completely new to NHibernate I encourage you to take a look at my previous introductory article here. Disclaimer Before co
by Parth J Patel
Create a multilevel menu in Linq or flatten hierarchical collection of object in Linq
by Mika Wendelius
This tip shows one way to query hierarchical data from a DataTable by using an AsTree() method.


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