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by Jochen Scharr
C# CountryInfo class, LanguageInfo class and CurrencyInfo class, derived from CultureInfo respectively RegionInfo for a more intuitive and compile-safe handling of countries, languages and currencies
by yaseercp
Arabic text box using simple JavaScript.
by Ivan Krivyakov
Is Turkish the only locale with unusual capitalization?
by Mohammad Elsheimy
Learn how to create/extend a culture and register it for future use (even by Windows)

Latest Articles

by Michael Ulmann
The MasterPage is derived from UserControl and thus, does not support the method 'InitializeCulture()'; a bit more coding is required in order to make the ASP.NET MasterPage localizable.
by Michael Ulmann
Often JavaScript content and/or styles in ASP.NET need to be localized too. This article shows how this can be leveraged by using an HttpHandler.
by |\/|ax
Localization by Build
by Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
Delivering software globally goes far beyond simply localizing. This article covers cultures, graphics, text spacing and more.


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