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by Erich Duda
This article shows how to create Snake game using Moscrif SDK.
by PavolSatala
How to create an air hockey game for one player against the artificial intelligence for three mobile platforms with only one code?
by Rajesh Anuhya
by Giannakakis Kostas
Port your libgdx games to run in Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms

Latest Articles

by hjgode
As I needed a tool to test the maximum MTU size for a network, I needed a ping tool where I can define the packet size and the DF (Do Not Fragment-Flag). As I did not find such a tool, I wrote PingNG. It is a simple tool but the code had to avoid some […]
by Madhur Kapoor
Swift is a brand new programming language which was revealed by Apple at WWDC 2014 along with iOS 8. It is set to eventually replace the Objective – C language which is currently being used for Apple development. Swift is easier to learn and it has got a much cleaner syntax as compared to Obje
by Sei Flavius
Using auto-layout to position two buttons that span the entire width of the underlying view
by Abhishek Jaiswall
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IDC studied the business value and benefits that three JBoss customers...
If you are considering deploying business process management (BPM)...
New and composite on-premises applications need a complex array of...
By easing the process of integrating business events into automated...


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by Abhishek Jaiswall on article "It's all About Mobile Application Dev"
by Abhishek Jaiswall on article "It's all About Mobile Application Dev"
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