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Great Reads

by Steve Marsh
The classes in this project allow you to parse text expressions entered by a user and compile them to a .NET assembly. This assembly can be executed on the fly, or saved to a DLL.
by SergioAmorim
A way to quickly find the CLR version of a .NET assembly from the command line
by Sebastian Solnica
The article describes how to make a slideshow in a debugger. It may help you understand the PDB api in System.Reflection.Emit as well as impress listeners on any debugging-related presentations:)
by Sameers.ME
Start using IL Assembly Language to debug your code at low level and understand how .NET deals with your high level code.

Latest Articles

by Maruf Maniruzzaman
Try to develop a theory on how to decompile MSIL
by Sebastien LEBRETON
Reflexil is an assembly editor and runs as a plug-in for Reflector or JustDecompile. Reflexil is able to manipulate IL code and save the modified assemblies to disk. Reflexil also supports "on-the-fly" C#/VB.NET code injection.
by Rishikesh_Singh
Understanding Common Intermediate Language
by Mattias Högström
Runtime IL-Rewriting can be used to add behavior such as logging to applications, or redirect calls from one API to another. This article and accompanying source code explains how to substitute a method call at runtime.

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