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Microsoft Windows PowerShell

Great Reads

by Petr Pechovic
Generate a set of png pictures ready to print and cut directly from Excel by issuing a single command
by Ali BaderEddin
Restore an SQL database on a local or remote SQL server using PowerShell
by Manas Bhardwaj
Upload Files to Library in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell
by RoboJRR
How to use Powershell to query webservices.

Latest Articles

by Sacha Barber
This is another article in my on going learning/experimenting with PowerShell. This time I will show how you can use PowerShell to carry out REST operations such as GET/POST. Now there may be some amongst you, who go why didn’t you just use WGet, which is a downloadable thing, and I could have indee
by Thomas Maierhofer (Tom)
The PowerShell Build Tools are a toolbox for build, test and deployment automation. The Build Tools combine XML configuration and PowerShell scripting in a new way to get the best of both worlds. NHunspell is a wrapper for the Open Office Spell Checker Hunspell. Although NHunspell is a small project
by Gordon W Beeming
I use to make a lot of TFS customizations and had to apply the template changes to multiple team projects which took a bit of time. Depending on the method you use it could be a quick or loooong process . When I first started doing customizations I used the TFS Power Tools to upload changes which is
by sebastianrogers
Hi Folks Ever had a need to do something to every item in a collection that would change the collection?  I don’t know lets say removing all SharePoint Site Collections under a managed path. Now we all know that you can enumerate a collection and then loop through acting on each element but if


by Greg Prosch on technical blog "Upgrade/Publish TFS 2013...
by Sacha Barber on technical blog "PowerShell : Create MSMQ"
by Phebous on technical blog "PowerShell : Create MSMQ"
by henry hanqing on article "Automating Task Creation in Team...
by Sacha Barber on technical blog "Powershell selecting from SQL...

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