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Microsoft Windows PowerShell

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by Petr Pechovic
Generate a set of png pictures ready to print and cut directly from Excel by issuing a single command
by Ali BaderEddin
Restore an SQL database on a local or remote SQL server using PowerShell
by Manas Bhardwaj
Upload Files to Library in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell
by RoboJRR
How to use Powershell to query webservices.

Latest Articles

by sebastianrogers
Hi Folks Ever had a need to do something to every item in a collection that would change the collection?  I don’t know lets say removing all SharePoint Site Collections under a managed path. Now we all know that you can enumerate a collection and then loop through acting on each element but if
by Manas Bhardwaj
This post A PowerShell alternative to SharePoint 2013 AppRegNew.aspx written by Manas Bhardwaj appeared first on Manas Bhardwaj's Stream.If you are reading this post then chances are that you are already aware of the SharePoint 2013 App Model and especially the SharePoint 2013 Provider Hosted Apps.
by Mohamed Meligy
Running Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio The Visual Studio developer command VsDevCmd.bat only works with the cmd.exe command line shell/processor, which is still the native command prompt in Windows. Try writing some command in Start->Run or Explorer’s address bar, and you’ll
by Sacha Barber
AT work I use MSMQ I fair bit, and I also use NServiceBus a fair bit of late, which thankfully takes care of creating all the queues needed. But, for those time when you really need to make a bunch of queues, it can be a time consuming exercise, so I decided to see if […]


by Greg Prosch on technical blog "Upgrade/Publish TFS 2013...
by Sacha Barber on technical blog "PowerShell : Create MSMQ"
by Phebous on technical blog "PowerShell : Create MSMQ"
by henry hanqing on article "Automating Task Creation in Team...
by Sacha Barber on technical blog "Powershell selecting from SQL...

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