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String handling

Great Reads

by Paul E. Bible
A Non-MFC String Class for use in ATL components
by Ralph Walden
A function which doesn't require changing the case of the strings, and was also DBCS (double-byte character set) friendly.
by Adam Nelson
Surveys other phonetic matching techniques, and presents additional resources on the subject.
by fabio bussu
MatchKit is a .NET Library that provides a set of classes to build patterns to match simple and complex strings

Latest Articles

by Troy Simpson, Thanh Dao
Capturing the semantic similarity between two short sentences based on the WordNet dictionary.
by JohnnyCee
This article demonstrates how to use simple parsing techniques to detect URLs in user-supplied text.
by Kouji Matsui
This library is simple and is a substitution of System.String.Format.

Research Library

Every developer wants to write good code – code they can be proud of....
Once regarded as a novel software accessory for scanners, more advanced...


by Dave Midgley on Guide to BSTR and C String Conversions
by Hassan Alrehamy on Converting PDF to Text in C#
by Ahmed Hamdy on Article "RegEx Tester - Regular Expression Tester"
by Ben Hanson on article "Convert EBNF to BNF Using parsertl &...
by Walter Weinmann on article "Convert EBNF to BNF Using parsertl &...

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